The Earth is the Lord’s–All of it.

John 1 Berean Study Bible

1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning. 3Through Him all things were made, and without Him nothing was made that has been made. 4In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. 5The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

The Witness of John
(Malachi 3:1-5)

6There came a man who was sent from God. His name was John. 7He came as a witness to testify about the Light, so that through him everyone might believe. 8He himself was not the Light, but he came to testify about the Light.

9The true Light who gives light to every man was coming into the world. 10He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him. 11He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. 12But to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God— 13children born not of blood, nor of the desire or will of man, but born of God.

The Word Became Flesh
(Psalm 84:1-12)

14The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

15John testified concerning Him. He cried out, saying, “This is He of whom I said, ‘He who comes after me has surpassed me because He was before me.’”

Jesus Christ isn’t a theology, concept, or any other sort of unreal supposition. He’s real. We who follow Him know He’s real because we know Him. He leads, teaches, and corrects us moment by moment. Skeptics don’t have to take our word for it. Anyone who seeks Christ finds Christ so they will find out that Christ is real if they simply seek Him in sincerity. Everyone who truly wants to do the will of God receives discernment to know what comes from Christ as opposed to what comes from other sources.



It’s important to know the difference between what we observe and what we imagine. We must do the same with the Bible. We must discern between the vision that the Holy Spirit is revealing through the Bible and what our imagination is adding to the Bible. The human mind is deceitful and desperately wicked beyond our ability to understand. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit provides this discernment. Being almighty, He has no trouble revealing the truth clearly to whoever will yield to Him. We need the Holy Spirit. We only run into trouble when we try to lean on our own ability to understand or when we’re drawn off the path by our own desires.

Nothing can be observed that tells us the age of the earth in any sense. The many indicators vary from a few thousand to billions of years, but they all depend on assumptions. Assumptions consist of made-up stuff. So they all depend on circular reasoning.

Though the Bible seems to indicate an age of a few thousand years, we can’t even declare the universal negative that billions of years didn’t happen. Though there’s no evidence for it, and nothing in Scripture suggests it, there could be something we don’t know. Of course, we also can’t say for certain that God didn’t make a planet inhabited by flying spaghetti monsters. Funny how people want to argue about the age of the earth but not about flying spaghetti monsters.


Lord, teach me, lead me, correct me.

God has been working with me for several decades concerning how we can know anything about anything. In fact, He’s purged me over the decades.

Here’s what I believe He has taught me. All knowledge and wisdom are hidden in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ is the truth. Everyone who’s on the side of truth listens to Him. His sheep hear His voice. Sound logic (reason) requires a true (truth) premise. The human mind is deceitful and desperately wicked beyond what we can understand. Christ in us is righteous and holy beyond our understanding. Christ in us can’t sin or be wrong. In His presence, all my arguments are shattered. Our flesh can do no righteousness. Nor can we trust it. At each moment, we choose which one we follow. If Christ didn’t say it, and we believe it, we’re in sin. When we lean on our own understanding, we fall into sin. When we acknowledge Him in all our ways, He directs our paths. Once we add something to our worldviews (fake realities in our minds), that something becomes a stronghold in our minds. It seems more real than reality itself. Whatever is in conflict with our worldviews seems to be against all common sense. It seems insane. God has provided spiritual weapons (not the deceitful and wicked human mind) to demolish our strongholds.

I’m finding God’s process to be one where the Holy Spirit is constantly correcting me and showing me that my long-held beliefs are carnal. One at a time, He demolishes me as I remain in a state of repentance and submission. I don’t see this process ending soon.