You Can Know For Certain

Those who have been following Real Reality know that I will use physical/material evidence to refute various lies about origins, sexual immorality, or abortion. I may use Biblical evidence. In all cases, I focus on Christ Himself. In the physical/material, we’re limited to inductive reasoning, which is never a final answer. But we can know the truth with certainty. We can be certain about the truth through divine revelation. Jesus Christ is real. We know Him.

When dealing with lies, an interesting problem develops. The ungodly thinker bases every opinion on made-up stuff then tries to hide this problem with smokescreen fallacies. But the ungodly thinker can’t reason to a true premise. It’s impossible for ungodly thinking to go beyond the brute beast pragmatic existence of reacting to sense data without the ability to reason rationally. Ungodly thinking can reason, just not rationally.

An ungodly thinker sometimes runs into a follower of Christ. The follower of Christ testifies of his or her ongoing experience with the living Christ who now resides inside of him or her since he or she was born again. Actually, the living Christ has become joined to the Christ-follower’s spirit and ministers from there to the mind of the follower of Christ. Here’s the interesting and ironic part. The ungodly thinker who can’t even reason rationally about his or her observations and experiences now tries to reason about someone else’s observations and experiences. The ungodly thinker claims that the follower of Christ isn’t experiencing what he or she is experiencing. By doing so, the ungodly thinker is, in effect, claiming to be all-knowing.

That’s ironic, but what’s more ironic is that the ungodly thinker already knows that God exists. The triune God of the Bible has already revealed Himself to the ungodly thinker in many ways. So the ungodly thinker knows and is without excuse. The ungodly thinker even knows that coming to Christ would be like coming into the light. Many of the things and ideas that the ungodly thinker cherishes would be exposed to the light as Christ would begin leading, teaching and correcting the ungodly thinker who now has come to Christ. So the ungodly thinker chooses to reject Christ even though the ungodly thinker knows and is without excuse.

As a result, the ungodly thinker can no longer tell the difference between reality and make-believe. The ungodly thinker does receive divine revelation. If that weren’t the case, death would follow quite quickly. However, the ungodly thinker can’t tell the difference between divine revelation and the made-up stuff in the ungodly thinker’s worldview. It’s all the same to the ungodly thinker. That’s ironic.

On the other hand, Christ leads, teaches, and corrects the follower of Christ moment by moment. Christ teaches His followers that the Bible is His Word without error. He speaks to His followers through Scripture and through every means mentioned in Scripture. As a result, we can know some things with certainty.

We can know that the Scripture’s account of the Creation and the Flood events is accurate.

We can know that God speaks His promises, His plan of salvation, and His standards for morality through Scripture.

We can know that God’s promises are true.

We can know that God’s plan for salvation is real and absolute.

We can know that God’s standards for morality are correct.

Real Faith & Reason Library will be out soon. It’s a six-book set containing two reference texts. Real Reality, Inc. will be offering the ebook version for free. This is the kind of book you want to keep in your library for future reference. We also plan an audiobook, and we’re going to try to make that free as well.



We Can’t Observe or Test the Past

Scientists learn through observation. However, they can’t repeatedly observe or test the past. This fact drives evolutionists nuts, so they come up with weird rationalizations to try to get around this. They’ll say, “When we look into the sky, we’re looking into the past.” Well, that MIGHT be true, but we can’t test the one-way speed of light. But let’s pretend, for a moment, that we are looking into the past. We still can’t observe the animals being made. We still can’t observe the earth being formed. We still can’t observe the universe coming into existence. Those are stories and they either consist of divine revelation or made-up stuff. God has revealed some detail about these events, but we don’t have a way to go beyond what God reveals and still be sane.

Science works quite well when it leads to a product that we can test. For instance, science leads to a cell phone. The cell phone either works, or it doesn’t. We can also extrapolate, but then we start adding to the words that Jesus is saying through what we observe and experience. Extrapolation adds information to what Jesus is saying. That information ultimately comes from one of three places. What we can’t sense from our natural senses comes either from our own imagination, demonic influence, or divine revelation. As Christ said, “Those who are on the side of truth listen to Me.” And He said, “My sheep hear My voice.” Scientists do get information beyond what they observe.

Even ungodly scientists who don’t know Christ get information beyond what they observe, and they can get it from these three sources. That is, God reveals natural and spiritual truth to every person through the things that they observe in His creation. (Romans 1) For instance, He reveals Himself and everything that we can know about Him and the Godhead through His creation. We accept parts of what He reveals. We reject other parts. Sometimes we acknowledge Him and give Him the glory. Sometimes we fail to acknowledge Him and glorify Him. Some people always fail to acknowledge Him and glorify Him.

Some people try to extrapolate from what God has revealed through Scripture and His creation. They try to guess about amazing speculations such as the method by which God created all things or the specific nature of the image of God. We’ll fully understand how God created all things one day. We’ll fully understand the nature of God. Now, we do know that God is working all things together for His good purpose. His purpose is that we be formed into the image of His Son. (Romans 8:28) We know that as we all, with the fleshly veil removed from our eyes, look at the glory of the Lord as if looking into a mirror, are transfigured into the same image from glory to glory by the Holy Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:18) We may not be able to comprehend the greatness of that yet, but we can already sense and experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.


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A chain of thought is only as strong as its weakest link.

We can know the truth since Jesus is available, and whoever seeks Him finds Him.

Jesus isn’t a theory, concept, or theology. He’s real, and He speaks through Scripture and every means mentioned in Scripture.

The ungodly have no path to a true premise or sound reasoning, but what God reveals is true, and He’s well able to impart certainty to those who listen to Him in submission.

I think this set of books will turn the world upside-down because it takes the rules of logic seriously—rules that the whole world has been ignoring for millennia.

You can know for certain that Jesus Christ is real, is good, and is your Savior.

You can know for certain that the Bible is God’s word without error.

We can know that Christ is God, and the Bible is true, but no path to rational thought exists without Christ.

We can know for certain that Christ is God, and the Bible is true, but ungodly thinkers can’t know anything for certain.

As a follower of Christ, you can be fully rational as long as you never go beyond what God reveals, but ungodly thinkers can’t be rational to discuss anything beyond the information that comes from their five senses.

Real Faith & Reason Library will be out soon. It’s a six-book set containing two reference texts. Real Reality, Inc. will be offering the ebook version for free. This is the kind of book you want to keep in your library for future reference. We also plan an audiobook, and we’re going to try to make that free as well.



Where are the Final Answers?

We could discuss origins and debate continually without coming to a final conclusion. There is no silver bullet in this argument. Note how dogmatic those who oppose your own position can be. They don’t quit no matter what you say. One of the problems is that science is inductive rather than deductive. The answers of science are never absolute. There’s no such thing as settled science since tomorrow’s discovery could overturn today’s opinion. And yet, we can use science if the science actually produces a product that we can test. Origins science doesn’t produce products we can test.

I’m not concerned with knowledge if it’s not knowledge of the truth. Truth is absolute and exclusive by nature. It’s reality itself. It’s very different from opinion. There are two ways we can reason. We can reason based on presuppositions/assumptions/made-up stuff, or we can reason based on divine revelation.

God speaks through Scripture and every means mentioned in Scripture. For instance, He speaks through His creation as we see in Romans one. But He also says not to add to His words, or He’ll expose us as liars. Why? Because there are two possible foundations for reason. One is divine revelation with nothing added. The other is made-up stuff by whatever name we call the made-up stuff.

Axioms consist of made-up stuff that is so much a part of our worldviews that we think they’re obvious. And yet we can’t observe them. They aren’t divine revelation.

I’m learning to discern God’s voice. I’m learning to discern the difference between His voice and my own voice or all the other voices in the world. Christ leads every person who follows Him. He leads us moment by moment in every situation. We hear His voice, but we have trouble with discernment right now. We need to seek His face and turn all our hardened beliefs over to Him. Hold tightly to Him and hold our theories and theologies loosely. He’s the only source of truth, so only in Him can we think rationally. Without that, we’re at the level of brute beasts as the apostle Jude said.

So, I seek Him and His righteousness. If you don’t have that relationship with Him in which He leads, teaches, and corrects you moment by moment in every situation, I invite you to know Him in this way. Everyone who seeks Him finds Him. He won’t give a serpent to the one who asks for a fish. If you seek Christ, you’ll get Christ. He’ll then begin leading you into all truth just as He’s leading all who humble themselves before Him. If you already have that relationship, I want to encourage you to continue to allow Him to take you to higher heights and deeper depths in Him.



Ice Cores

Ice Cores

My scientific colleagues go to places like Greenland, the Arctic. They go to Antarctica. And they drill into this ice with hollow drill bits. It’s not that extraordinary. Many of you have probably done it yourselves, drilling other things, hole saws to put locks in doors for example. And we pull out long cylinders of ice, long ice rods. And these are made of snow. And, by long tradition, it’s called snow ice. And snow ice forms over the winter as snowflakes fall and are crushed down by subsequent layers, they’re crushed together, entrapping the little bubbles, and the little bubbles must needs be the ancient atmosphere. There’s nobody running around with a hypodermic needle, you know, squirting ancient atmosphere into the bubbles, and we find certain of these cylinders to have 680,000 layers. 680,000 snow winter-summer cycles. How could it be that just 4,000 years ago all of this ice formed? Let’s just run some numbers. This is some scenes from lovely Antarctic. Let’s say we have 680,000 layers of snow ice and 4,000 years since the great Flood. That would mean we would need 170 winter-summer cycles every year for the last 4,000 years. I mean, wouldn’t someone have noticed that? [laughing] Wow! [laughing] Wouldn’t someone have noticed that there’s been winter-summer-winter-summer 170 times one year? Six-hundred-eighty-thousand years of snow ice layers, which require winter-summer cycle. ~ Bill Nye

This argument is easy to handle since it depends on three assumptions, and the first two assumptions are hidden assumptions. First is the assumption that there was no Genesis Flood. Second is the assumption that the earth is billions of years old. Of course, Bill is trying to prove those two assumptions, so those assumptions are the basis for a form of circular reasoning known as begging the question. In other words, Bill is assuming the conclusion to prove the conclusion.

Bill also assumes that one ring in the ice is one year, and this assumption fits in with the first two hidden assumptions. This assumption is like the tree-ring-per-year fallacy since it doesn’t work this way in real life. In real life, a single large storm can make many rings in the ice, and we can observe this fact.

Using knowledge of proved formulas gathered from scientific testing, scientists have created models of the Genesis Flood. And they’ve used those models to calculate that the Genesis Flood would have caused many violent storms per year. The storms would have caused many rings. Bill may not have been aware of this scientific research. Ungodly scientists usually insulate themselves from information that might conflict with what they already believe. Of course, no model or theory can prove anything. They just present ideas to consider.

Another important piece of evidence that Bill also left out is the evidence of the Lost Squadron. In July of 1942, Americans abandoned a squadron of P-38 Lightening airplanes in Greenland after making an emergency landing. Then, fifty years later, in May of 1992, a salvage crew went back for the planes and found that the planes were under 75 meters (250 feet) of ice in just 50 years. From this observation, we can calculate the age of the ice cores Bill Nye mentioned by comparing the depth of the planes (75 meters) to the depth of ice in the ice cores (3,000 meters).

The planes were there 50 years and were 75 meters deep, which means that every 75 meters of depth represents 50 years.

3,000 meters is 40 times as deep as 75 meters.

3,000 meters / 75 meters = 40 times as deep

40 X 50 years = 2,000 years

Using assumptions, Bill Nye calculated an age for the ice cores of 680,000 years, but using observation of the P-38 Lightening airplanes, we calculate an age for the ice cores of 2,000 years. We must admit that both calculations use assumptions, so neither one provides real knowledge. The only way we can know that the Genesis Creation and Flood both occurred is by divine revelation.

This post is adapted from a book called “Exposing the Nye-Ham Debate.” That book will be included in the soon-to-be-released boxed set called Real Faith & Reason. Real Reality, Inc. will have rights to distribute and promote the ebook and audiobook versions of Real Faith & Reason, and it will be free. Because of the amount of research material in Real Faith & Reason, the print version will be fairly pricey, but many may want a copy for their libraries.