Anything is Possible? Really?

Have you noticed that evolutionists never try to prove that the stories of evolutionism actually happened? Rather, they argue that these stories are possible. Could you imagine being accused of committing a crime and being convicted based on the fact that it would have been possible for you to have committed the crime? Somehow, that sounds like some to the corruption that now has invaded a corrupted justice system. However, it’s not rational. It’s insane.

Evolutionism starts with a simple axiom: anything is possible.

Therefore, the stories of naturalism and evolutionism are possible. Therefore, naturalism is probable. Therefore, naturalism is a fact and an axiom. Therefore, all explanations must conform to naturalism, which means that God is excluded. Therefore, the stories of evolutionism are the only acceptable explanation of origins. Therefore, the stories of evolutionism are probable. Therefore, the stories of evolutionism constitute a fact and an axiom that we must use to interpret all observations. Therefore, when we observe something that conflicts with any of the stories of evolutionism, we must deny the observation or develop an additional story to make the new observation fit into the stories of evolutionism.

Well, let’s turn the same searchlight on the creationists? Let’s each examine our own hearts on this matter. Are we starting with axioms and working toward a conclusion that God created the heavens and the earth? If so, we’re saying, “I made this up. Based on this made-up stuff, God created the heavens and the earth.”

That’s insane.

We know because the Bible says so. But how do we know that the Bible is accurate? Are we also starting with axioms to claim that the Bible is accurate? Are we using circumstantial evidence rather than a true premise? No.

We know that the Bible is accurate and trustworthy because we know the God Who wrote the Bible. He speaks to us. When we were born again, our spirits were joined to His Spirit. He communicates to us through our spirits to our souls. Our souls are our minds. The word “soul” is a synonym for the word “mind.” We know that the Bible is accurate and trustworthy because Christ speaks this truth into our minds. We might say that He speaks this into our hearts, but “heart” is also a synonym for “mind.”

Whenever we’re challenged on the point, we go back to Him, and He confirms it to us again. Not only that but every time we read Scripture or hear someone reading it, He speaks to us through the Scripture. We don’t lean on our own understanding, but we stand in the presence of the King of kings and hear His voice as He speaks through Scripture. When we look at creation or read the Scripture, we ask Him to correct any misunderstandings we may have, and He does this little by little to the extent that we’re able to yield to Him.

The argument between evolutionists and creationists isn’t about the scientific observations. We all have the same creation that we’re observing. The argument is between made-up stuff and divine revelation.

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