Darkness, but Light


As of this writing, we’re seeing sweeping changes in the world. We’re seeing darkness as never before, and it’s going to get much worse. We’re seeing widespread insanity on a level never before experienced. God always gave some light to unbelievers. They didn’t comprehend it, but they benefitted from it. They assumed that they were just very good at guessing what would work and what wouldn’t work. They were able to reason, but not to any certainty of truth. Even so, they were able to come to conclusions that worked in the real world. They even had a fairly accurate idea of what was right and what was wrong because God shined His light on them and they could see somewhat without thanking God or giving Him the Glory.

However, that’s changing. Emotion is replacing logic. Bare assertions are the norm without any attempt to give the illusion of rational thought. Shouting and chanting have replaced dialog. Right is being called “wrong,” and wrong is being called “right.” And that’s among the intellectuals and elites of society.

So what’s different now that’s causing these changes? When a person turns away from God, that person can go into a terrible darkness. At a certain point, God removes His hand from that person, and His face no longer shines on that person. That’s one individual. How much worse when a culture splits, and a major part of the culture turns it’s back on God! And how dreadful when it happens across the entire world!

Currently, two things are happening.

First, many Christians aren’t following Christ and shining with His brightness. They don’t listen to His voice or yield to His Spirit. They follow ungodly councilors instead. They either disregard the Bible entirely or they try to shoehorn rationalized ideas into the Bible. They have a religion, but it’s about self-righteousness, popularity, prestige, entertainment, money, and political power. It doesn’t effectively touch the power of God for righteousness and holiness. They have ceased to be effective as salt and light.

Second, many Christians are following Christ and beginning to walk in the righteousness of Christ. They’re beginning to shine with the Light of Christ. Then, those who hate the Light turn away from the Light. They throw themselves into greater darkness. God is letting them go and isn’t restraining them.

In Scripture, God foreshadowed this day in the plagues of the Egyptians. One of the plagues was a darkness that could be felt among the Egyptians. At the same time, there was light in the homes of the Israelites. The prophet Joel also spoke of a day that would be darkness but also a day of dawning.

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