Dentological Ethics

Rockbuilder: Ungodly thinkers have no basis for any thought that goes beyond what they can observe and test. They can’t rationally make statements about morality, truth, spiritual matters, interpretations of historical documents or artifacts, historical interpretations of fossils or geological observations, etc.

Sandbuilder: Yes we can, it’s called deontological ethics

Rockbuilder: It’s based on made-up stuff. Made-up stuff is magic. Anything can be “true.” Ungodly thinkers are ever learning but never coming to knowledge of the truth.

Sandbuilder: Bob Stenson we have a solid ethical stance that comes from First Principles and Logic. Your morality is based off a psychopathic, death loving, mass murders opinion. It’s completely subjective. Mine is Objective.

Rockbuilder: Every statement you make beyond your five senses is based on made-up stuff. Then, you claim that God doesn’t reveal—based on made-up stuff. That’s the definition of insanity.

I mean, think about it. You’re claiming to be omniscient based on made-up stuff.

Sandbuilder: Bob Stenson what? Since when? Your [sic] just pulling things out of thin air and making that your argument

Rockbuilder: You have no path to a true premise. A true premise is required for rational thought. Have you never had a class in logic?

Note: Deontological ethics consist of rules, duties, or obligations. But who gets to make the rules. As we have witnessed over the last several decades, those with the power make godless rules, and right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. This is known as tyranny.

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