God is Light


God is light. In Him is no darkness at all. The logos, or utterance, is the light that lights every person who comes into the world. Christ is the light of the world. When we listen to Christ’s voice, faith comes. Faith gives us access into His grace. When we yield to His grace so He says His words and does His works through us, we are also the light of the world. That is, Christ in us is the light of the world.

Every person benefits from the light of God. Without that light, we would all be in the dark. Without that light, the human mind has no rational way to reason. Without the light of God, people can react to what’s around them but not in a rational way. Without the light of God, people can make up axioms and make bare assertions, but they can never base reasoning on true premises. The light gives them some reference point for what’s right and what’s true. In the light of Christ, they can somewhat tell the difference between reality, preconceptions, and imagination even if they haven’t yet accepted Christ as Savior and Lord.

Those who hate the light and love darkness turn from the light. When the children of light begin to shine, those who love darkness turn even further from the light. They try to suppress the light. When any person fails to acknowledge Christ or yield to His light, that person turns toward darkness. At a certain point, God lets that person go. God withdraws Himself and His light from them. This generally happens by degrees, but it can happen quite suddenly. They then enter a darkness in which they increasingly can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and lie, or reality and make-believe. We’re seeing the children of light and the children of darkness coming to maturity on a mass scale throughout society now.
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(source: Real Faith & Reason http://RealReality.org/Real_Faith_and_Reason_Vol_1…)

Skeptic: It also says your God is a consuming fire a jealous God a God that kills the firstborn of non-believers to prove a point overnight

Answer: God won’t share His glory or His wife with anyone. He is indeed jealous in that sense of jealousy. He has no reason for envy and never is guilty of envy. God did take the firstborn of each Egyptian family. He’s a just God Who judges individuals and nations. Only God has the wisdom, judgment, and authority to execute judgment at that level. Many will end up in hell, but He will be absolutely just, and each of those who do go to hell will have had at least one chance to choose heaven instead. However, without Christ, no one has any way to know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and fiction, or reality and make-believe. In fact, without the divine truth/revelation that flows from Christ, all logic and reason begin with at least one bare assertion. All logic and reason that begins with a bare assertion as the premise, that is, that’s base on one or more bare assertions, is irrational and useless. Therefore, without the divine truth/revelation that flows from Christ, all reasoning is irrational.

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