Historical Storytelling Isn’t Science

Operational science is pragmatic. Scientists repeatedly observe and test. They find things that work. Science like that leads to working products. However, ungodly scientific speculation often conflicts with Scripture. This is particularly true of historical storytelling. Persuaders commonly label these speculations as “science,” but no scientist can observe speculations or stories. The problem with speculations that go beyond what we can observe and test is that we can’t observe or test them. Nonetheless, when schools, news programs, and movies call the speculations “science,” some theologians believe the speculations are science.

We can know things about history. Humans create artifacts that communicate information. We can’t always tell if the humans were honest or correct. So, once again, we can’t go beyond what we can observe or test.

That seems hopeless if we can never know anything beyond what we can observe and test. However, we’ve only looked at part of the story. Knowledge requires true premises. The fallen human mind has no path to true premises as we’ve already discovered. The human mind has no way to observe and test what it has no way to observe and test. When the human mind tries to depend on itself to go beyond what it can observe and test, it becomes irrational. Rational thought requires true premises and valid form.

We’ve left out one vital fact. God provides true premises through divine revelation. He reveals reality through Scripture and every means mentioned in Scripture. He’s able to reveal Himself to all who will yield themselves to Him. Everyone who seeks Him finds Him. He alone reveals that the Bible is His word without error. This was the secret of George Washington Carver, Albert Einstein, and others. He’s able to give discernment between the true teacher and the false teacher, between the true prophet and the false prophet.

No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word.No myth is filled with such life. Albert Einstein

The divine reveals itself in the physical world. Albert Einstein

I want to know how God created this world. I want to know his thoughts. Albert Einstein

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