How Can We Know for Sure?


How can we know that the Bible is true from beginning to end? How can we know that the history in the Bible is accurate? How can we even know that God exists?

God speaks through Scripture and every means mentioned in Scripture. We can’t read the Bible without experiencing the voice of God. Einstein said. “No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.” And yet, Paul mentions in that the Hebrew people had come to the point where they no longer heard what God was saying through Scripture but only saw the veil (flesh) that was in front of their faces. (2 Corinthians 3) Depending only on theology without the Holy Spirit does that, and we can end up interpreting the Scripture through a fake reality of our individual theological worldviews to the point that we no longer hear the voice of God speaking to us through Scripture.

We automatically interpret Scripture and the physical world around us, but we don’t always agree with the way other people interpret things. Who’s interpretation is correct? Without the Holy Spirit, we can only interpret Scripture and the material reality around us by adding information from some source other than God. Information doesn’t create itself, and both godly and ungodly philosophers know this.

Only three sources for information exist: divine revelation, the human mind, or demonic influence. Demons lie, and the human mind can make up stuff. But God knows all things and can’t lie. We’ll call divine revelation truth since that’s what it is. Those other two things, lies and made-up stuff, we’ll call make-believe since that’s what they are. So, we’re comparing truth to make-believe.

How does that get us to truth?

We can never find truth by reasoning from make-believe. We have to start from truth to determine truth. We can’t reasonably say that making believe proves anything. We can reasonably say that one truth proves another truth. For instance, God reveals that He exists; therefore, He exists. What God reveals is truth. God, being almighty and all-wise, is well able to reveal Himself and reality to anyone who will listen to Him. For anyone who has depended on making believe as a way of thinking, this information is devastating and hard to hear.

If that’s true, why are atheists and agnostics able to survive?

God has provided for a practical existence without rational thought, and we call this pragmatism. It’s how animals from earthworms to raccoons survive. This pragmatic thought can only deal with what it can observe and test. When it tries to interpret Scripture or the five senses, it has to add information, and that information comes from lies or made-up stuff. Therefore, pragmatic thinkers can do science as long as they stick to observation and testing. They can use pragmatic science to find out what works and what doesn’t work. They can use it to find out what exists in the material world. They can’t answer questions about what they can’t observe and test. For instance, they can’t answer questions about morality, God, angels, the origin of the universe, or how we came to be. Only God can answer these kinds of questions if we’re willing to listen to Him.

God determines morality, and He defines it. Only He can reveal the spiritual realm. Only He can reveal the secrets of the origin of the universe, and He says that He created everything in six days.

All of that is obvious when we give it serious thought, but many questions remain unanswered. “The Reason Collection” is a boxed set of five books that answer many questions about how we can know anything about anything. At times, this collection uses the creation-evolution debate as an example, but the books are about reason and how we can know anything about anything. Other than some artwork and recording an audiobook, Petros has the books ready to be published in ebook formats. He estimates that he’ll publish the collection bundled with two audiobooks in two months but adds this reminder, “If the Lord opens the door.” The two audiobooks will be “Reason, Part 1” and “Reason, Part 2.”


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