James Tour on Origin of Life

James Tour makes the following point:

Almost every chemical synthesis experiment in Origin of Life (OoL) research can be summed up by a protocol analogous to this:

  • Purchase some chemicals, generally in high purity, from a chemical company.
  • Mix those chemicals together in water in high concentrations or in a specific order under some set of carefully devised conditions in a modern laboratory.
  • Obtain a mixture of compounds that have a resemblance to one or more of the basic four classes of chemicals needed for life: carbohydrates, nucleic acids, amino acids, or lipids.
  • Publish a paper, making bold assertions about OoL from these functionless crude mixtures of sterochemically scrambled intermediates, much like Miller did in 1952.
  • Engage with the ever-gullible press to dial up the knob of unjustified extrapolation.
  • Watch the mesmerized layperson exclaim, “You see, scientists understand how life formed!”
  • Encourage a generation of science textbook writers to make colorful, deceptive cartoons of raw chemicals assembling into cells, which then emerge as slithering creatures from a prehistoric pond.

He states that every one of their experiments can be fit into this pattern.

He then notes that, while scientific knowledge has advanced tremendously since 1952, the origins of life science is still where it was in 1952.



It may seem strange to say this, but rational thought is impossible without divine revelation. Two types of arguments exist. In one type of argument, all parties are basing their reasoning on made-up stuff. The other type of argument is between made-up stuff and divine revelation. To come to any conclusion about any observation, experience, or concept, reasoning has to take place. If the conclusion goes beyond the observation or experience to explain it, then information has to be added to the premise. That information has to come from somewhere. It either comes from God in the form of divine revelation, from demons in the form of lies, or from the human mind in the form of made-up stuff. Find out more here:


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  1. Thanks for writing. Dr. James Tour is world renowned! He really knows what he s talking about! And he has the courage, to expose the fact that scientific textbooks depicting the fairy tale of life emerging naturally over time, are MISLEADING the general public. It is clear that life must have been DESIGNED!

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