Leap of Faith?

What’s a greater leap of faith: God or the multiverse?

God’s faith isn’t actually a leap. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing comes by the rhema of God. The Greek word rhema means utterance. Faith comes by the utterance of God. God speaks through Scripture, and every means mentioned in Scripture. We hear. His faith comes. Jesus Christ is the Author and Finisher of this faith, which isn’t like the make-believe faith of the ungodly thinkers. That’s why God’s faith is substance, which means it’s part of reality as opposed to being a concept. And that’s why God’s faith is evidence, which means that it’s absolutely certain proof.

Since I kept this brief to make the point, you may want to check http://realreality.org/by-grace-through-faith/ and http://realreality.org/is-faith-the-same-as-making-believe/ to see the basis of these statements.

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