Lord, teach me, lead me, correct me.

God has been working with me for several decades concerning how we can know anything about anything. In fact, He’s purged me over the decades.

Here’s what I believe He has taught me. All knowledge and wisdom are hidden in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ is the truth. Everyone who’s on the side of truth listens to Him. His sheep hear His voice. Sound logic (reason) requires a true (truth) premise. The human mind is deceitful and desperately wicked beyond what we can understand. Christ in us is righteous and holy beyond our understanding. Christ in us can’t sin or be wrong. In His presence, all my arguments are shattered. Our flesh can do no righteousness. Nor can we trust it. At each moment, we choose which one we follow. If Christ didn’t say it, and we believe it, we’re in sin. When we lean on our own understanding, we fall into sin. When we acknowledge Him in all our ways, He directs our paths. Once we add something to our worldviews (fake realities in our minds), that something becomes a stronghold in our minds. It seems more real than reality itself. Whatever is in conflict with our worldviews seems to be against all common sense. It seems insane. God has provided spiritual weapons (not the deceitful and wicked human mind) to demolish our strongholds.

I’m finding God’s process to be one where the Holy Spirit is constantly correcting me and showing me that my long-held beliefs are carnal. One at a time, He demolishes me as I remain in a state of repentance and submission. I don’t see this process ending soon.


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