Made-up Stuff Isn’t Knowledge

Truth is simple. If we’re having trouble understanding the truth, we’re not thinking correctly. That doesn’t mean that we can know everything. It doesn’t mean that God hasn’t created a complex universe. It does mean that what God reveals is simple, but human minds can add or remove a little information from what God reveals, and then it seems confusing.

Ungodly thinking is thinking without God. Of course, we need to allow God to remind us that He reveals reality to humanity through Scripture and every means mentioned in Scripture. That means that God reveals His nature through the things that He has created just as He says He does when He speaks to us through the first chapter of Romans. It means that He speaks to us through brothers and sisters in Christ just as He says that He does when He speaks to us through the twelfth chapter of First Corinthians. He even tells us a little bit about how to discern between someone who is speaking by the Holy Spirit and someone who is speaking by a different spirit.

As we walk in the Spirit, we listen to God’s voice. When we hear Him and acknowledge Him, His faith comes. He tells us that Jesus Christ is the Author and Finisher of this faith, and we are not. This faith is substance. God tells us that through Scripture. What God says is a fact. What is substance? The Greek word from which “substance” is translated means “reality as opposed to concept.” So many people get confused and think that this faith is like the make-believe faith that ungodly thinkers have. God goes on to tell us that this faith is evidence, but what does “evidence” mean? The Greek word from which “evidence” is translated means “absolutely certain proof.” When God speaks, we can know that whatever He says is true.

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