In the final analysis, there are only two ways to interpret either Scripture or the Creation: Divine revelation or assumption. Assumptions take various forms and there are many ways to justify them, but they really are just making stuff up. Divine revelation requires standing in God’s presence with the desire to know Him and to obey Him. Since every person is born with a sin nature, we always have to make choices between God’s will and our own wills. To disobey God is sin. When we obey Him, it’s because we have yielded to His Spirit to the point where He has been able to think His thoughts, speak His words, or do His acts through us. Nothing else is righteousness ever. This is the imparted righteousness of God. And it leads to a change in what we are. It leads to holiness. Since none of us is perfectly holy yet, we need to constantly seek the Holy Spirit to correct us. When the Holy Spirit corrects us, it’s always uncomfortable to our flesh. In fact, the flesh dies. However, Christ is built up in us. As Christ is built up in us, our discernment between right and wrong improves.

Since none of us is perfectly holy yet, we need to constantly seek the Holy Spirit to correct us. When the Holy Spirit corrects us, it’s always uncomfortable to our flesh. In fact, the flesh dies. However, Christ is built up in us. As Christ is built up in us, our discernment between right and wrong improves.

When we listen to ungodly counsel, human reasoning (which is always based on assumptions), or worldly friends, TV shows, movies, etc., we begin to sear our consciences. We lose the ability to tell the difference between reality and make-believe. We lose the ability to tell the difference between Divine revelation and made-up stuff. This is what happened to the false prophets. Yet, God said that if they would stand in His Presence, He would speak to them. Of course, the reason they wouldn’t stand in His Presence was because they didn’t want to hear Him. He would tell them things that wouldn’t please the fleshly mind. So, they found ways to avoid that. Even now, some Churches find ways to avoid hearing His Voice (forms, rituals, rationalizations, music with the wrong spirit, unscriptural Church order, etc.). They may even claim to hear His Voice, but those who stand in God’s Presence won’t be deceived by Him.

For you, my advice is that you stand in His Presence. Even though He tells you things you don’t like to hear, listen to Him. Don’t add to His words to make them say what you want to hear. Spend much time reading Scripture, asking God to speak wisdom into your heart (innermost mind). He will lead you where you don’t want to go. He never leads where the flesh wants to go. Yet, He can remove all your sins and bring you into righteousness–eventually into holiness and redemption (freedom from the sinful nature and the influences of Satan).



I try to stay away from speculation. All theories require speculation. I know that what God is revealing is all that we need, and I know that speculation cannot produce anything but delusion. So, I know that God created the Heavens and the Earth and the Seas and everything in them in six days, creating Adam from the dust on the sixth day. To know more than God says is impossible. God speaks through Scripture and Creation, but we are not to add to His words lest He show us to be liars. That means that assumptions and other kinds of made-up stuff are useless. It also calls for a close walk with God in which we learn to hear His Voice and have discernment between our own minds and the mind of Christ.



Self-righteousness is the belief that the self can produce righteousness. The fact is that every person who is following Jesus Christ is led and taught by the Holy Spirit moment by moment. When we listen and acknowledge Him, He imparts His faith, a Divinely inspired certainty that what He said is true. This certainty gives us access into His grace. His grace does the righteousness through us. True righteousness is a gift of God–it is God doing His works through us. Every other form of righteousness, whether Christian or non-Christian, is filth. It is self-righteousness.


God Confirms Revelation

God seems to always confirm His revelation from several sources. He speaks through Scripture. He speaks through archaeological artifacts. He speaks through His Creation. He speaks the same thing through brothers and sisters who are speaking by the Spirit. There’s a confirmation and God never contradicts Himself or causes confusion. It also seems that Scripture is the final word of confirmation. We must not add to His words, though.

Listening to ungodly counsel or thinking, speaking or acting in disobedience to the Holy Spirit would result in a loss of discernment. The conscience becomes seared instead of the spiritual senses being exercised and enhanced. Then, it’s harder to discern between the leading of God and the leading of the fleshly mind or even the leading of demons. It becomes more difficult to know the difference between godly counsel and ungodly counsel.



Without Divine revelation, morality is just an opinion. In fact, without Divine revelation, everything is just an opinion. It’s amazing that some people don’t understand this.


They Know

Dogmatic skeptics will do anything to sear their consciences against God. Yet, they know He exists, so they’re without excuse. Since they have no way to reason without fallacies, we shouldn’t be surprised when they commit fallacies. (Münchausen trilemma)


Ungodly Counsel

When Christians take to heart ungodly counsel, they begin to have more trouble discerning the leading of God. Then, human interpretations of Scripture creep in, and a downward spiral begins. Unfortunately, there is a lot of ungodly counsel from the “news,” from schools, from movies, from TV shows, from music, from museums, from parks, and from other false prophets.

When something is taken to heart, it’s added to the inner worldview of the person. Sometimes, conflicts arise in worldviews. This is neurotic. It’s known as internal inconsistency, and internal inconsistencies often persist for a lifetime. When God speaks, faith comes. Faith is certain, and is always based on what God is saying. At the same time, the inner worldview is giving a vision. Then decisions have to be made. Will you lean on your own understanding or acknowledge the utterance of God? Whichever you decide to follow becomes your master.


Judges 21:10-24

Judges 21:10-24 is a favorite of Atheists and skeptics–also Christians who want to do what they want to do. It tells about human thinking, not God’s commands.


Avoid This Logic

Avoid this kind of logic. We should follow the entire Bible. I have found some verses that I don’t understand. Therefore following the entire Bible means disregarding any part of the Bible I don’t agree with.