Thinking is Either Based on Made-Up Stuff or Divine Revelation

When people go beyond what God has revealed, the only option is making stuff up.

Truth is Reality

Truth sets a true course. It is the compass for all aspects of life. Opinions can lead to disaster. Truth is absolute by nature. You either know something or not. You can have a strong opinion about things that you don't know, but that's useless. To state that something is true when it's just an opinion based on interpretation of observation is to lie.

Reality and Truth

Making Things Up

Logic requires valid form and a conclusion that follows from a true premise. Generating that true premise is a problem. Premises based on axiomatic thinking are irrational. Axioms are beliefs that can’t be known yet are treated as part of reality. In the final analysis, there are only two ways to interpret observations: axiomatic thinking (made-up stuff) or Divine revelation. Any conclusion that anyone makes about anything is just an opinion if it’s based on made-up stuff.

Human-Generated Knowlege

Divine Revelation

God speaks. He speaks through Scripture and through every method mentioned in Scripture. God knows all things and cannot lie. He is the ultimate and only true authority. Whoever seeks Him finds Him. Ask Him to pardon all your times of failing to listen and obey, and you will be pardoned. Ask Him to rule over you as Lord and Savior, and you will find that the Holy Spirit leads and teaches you moment by moment.

Divine Revelation

Two Kinds of Faith

There is a difference in the two types of faith. Secularism’s faith is based on made-up stuff. The faith of God comes by hearing and hearing comes by the rhema of God. “Rhema” is a Greek word that means “utterance.” We don’t figure out Scripture, rationalize it, and have human faith in it. We read Scripture, God speaks to us through it and imparts His supernatural belief and trust (absolute certainty) to us. This spiritual faith is the gift of God lest anyone should boast. It is substance, that is, reality, of things hoped for. Hope is a vision of reality that is given by God. It is the evidence (absolute proof) of things not seen. While Christians also have many false faiths mixed in with God-imparted faith, the upward road is allowing the Holy Spirit to continue teaching and molding us.


Christians Thinking Like Secularists

Sometimes, Christians become confident of their own ability to reason and they lose touch with Christ. Since reasoning without Divine revelation from Jesus Christ must be based on assumptions, nothing can be known by reasoning without Divine revelation from Jesus Christ. That’s the problem with a lot of theology–it’s rationalized rather than revealed. God speaks through the Bible, but God says, through the Bible, that He speaks through other means as well. In fact, the reason that we know that the Bible is the Word of God without error is because this fact is revealed to us by the Spirit of Christ.



The Secularist Thinking Problem

Secularists have a common pattern in their thinking. They are forced make things up to interpret what they observe. Most often, they then use various fallacies to hide the fact that they are making things up. There is no way around this. Even when they deny that the Holy Spirit teaches and leads each follower of Christ moment by moment, they must deny this by making things up and by using various fallacies to hide the fact that they are making things up.