Rational Thought is Impossible Without Divine Revelation

It may seem strange to say this, but rational thought is impossible without divine revelation. Two types of arguments exist. In one type of argument, all parties are basing their reasoning on made-up stuff. The other type of argument is between made-up stuff and divine revelation. To come to any conclusion about any observation, experience, or concept, reasoning has to take place. If the conclusion goes beyond the observation or experience to explain it, then information has to be added to the premise. That information has to come from somewhere. It either comes from God in the form of divine revelation, from demons in the form of lies, or from the human mind in the form of made-up stuff. Find out more here:


Find out more in the book “Real Faith & Reason Journey” that you can download FREE Now.

How to Benefit from this Book

  1. Download and read the book. http://RealReality.org/downloads/
  2. As you read, ask God to reveal the truth and to destroy any thoughts that conflict with truth. As you read, sincerely ask Him to give you a mind that’s open to Him and His truth.
  3. Act on what you learn. Exercise the faith of God by yielding your spirit, mind, and body to it.

What You’ll Get if You Read and Act on this Book

  1. You’ll know the difference between real faith and make-believe faith, and doubts will disappear.
  2. You’ll know the foundation of real reason and be able to spot fake, deceptive, unsound reason.
  3. You’ll experience peace of mind and inner confidence beyond what you thought possible.
  4. You’ll be able to give this same foundation of rational thought to others.
  5. The wisdom, understanding, knowledge, love, righteousness, holiness, and freedom of Christ will begin to flow through you in an ever-increasing stream.
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