Science Will Bring You Closer to God

Dr. James Tour is an accomplished scientist and a Christian. The video link below is a talk that he gave to Syracuse University. He wanted to show what science can prove—what humanity can know from science. He could show, through science, that no one has yet proved abiogenesis and molecules-to-humanity evolutionism. He wasn’t able to show, through science, the impossibility of either of these, although they both are implausible He goes through the research that scientists have done on abiogenesis. None of the research had the purpose of showing that abiogenesis happened. None of the research tried to discover the odds of abiogenesis happening. We could say the same of the research on molecules-to-humanity evolutionism. And yet, those who control the message distort the research to claim that both of these stories, abiogenesis and molecules-to-humanity evolutionism, are probable even though they’re unlikely. From there, they imply that these stories happened.

What science can’t do, God can. God can reveal reality through Scripture and through every means of revelation He mentions in Scripture. Science will bring you closer to God if you bring God with you to help you understand science. That’s a very good thing to do since God knows everything. He’ll open your eyes to discoveries you would never have noticed on your own. This isn’t just true for scientists. It’s true for moms, dads, and kids no matter what they’re doing. The deep respect for the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. All knowledge and wisdom are hidden in Christ Jesus.

P. S. I found this meme on Facebook. I didn’t create it. I tried to find The Illogical Atheist, and it may be a discussion group, but I’m not certain.

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