God speaks to us about the pragmatism that we call “science” through Peter’s writings and Jude’s writings. Science can be purely pragmatic, dependent solely on observation and testing. As soon as scientists go beyond what can be observed or tested, they have to add information. Peter and Jude refer to this as the brute beast mind. This mind is incapable of rational thought but can only react to its environment like an animal. Attempts to interpret observations or experiments almost always add information in the process of interpretation. That information has to come from somewhere, and three sources of information exist: God (truth), demons (lies), or the fallen human mind (made-up stuff). Useful science creates products that we call technology. Evolutionism doesn’t create any technology.

That being said, any knowledge of truth that comes from science is ultimately from God. It’s a gift from God, and ungodly thinkers often receive this knowledge but take the credit for it and never glorify God or thank Him. That’s the first and second chapters of Romans whether the scientist is an atheist or a Christian. Not all scientists follow the arbitrary made-up stuff known as naturalism. Many of them pray and ask God to reveal reality to them as they go into the lab. One day, God will open the books, and we’ll see how God answered prayers of scientists.

We can apply everything that I’ve written about science to theology or any trade. Whatever you do for a living, you can receive God’s guidance moment by moment if you ask for it. He intends that we would stand in His presence continually and never come out of His presence. He didn’t create the Human mind in a way that it could function rationally without the Holy Spirit. The fact that we haven’t entered into this experience effectively doesn’t mean that we can’t or won’t. That’s why you have a longing in your heart. It’s a longing for love, joy, peace, patience, moral goodness, integrity, kindness, uprightness of heart and life, absolute certainty of truth, genuineness, stability, gentleness, and inner strength.

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