Christians Don’t Need Fallacy

0002 AdIgnorantiamChristians never need to use fallacy. Never!

To prove any Atheistic or Evolutionistic position always requires fallacy. Always!

When Christians use ad ignorantiam fallacies, they weaken their testimony. That doesn’t mean that you can’t ask the question: “How do you know?” In fact, that’s a great question. What makes the evolutionist think that the observations support a claim that molecules once formulated themselves into a living cell somehow? What makes the evolutionists think that a first living cell morphed into people over long periods of time?

I’m not talking about possibility. I’m talking about proving that it actually happened. Stay away from the framing fallacy that implies, “If something is possible, then it’s OK to say that it’s true.” Think of yourself on trial for a murder that you didn’t commit. Would you be OK with it if the judge told the jury that the right attitude would be that if you could possibly have committed the crime, then you are guilty as charged?

When a Christian asks this type of question the purpose of the question is to show that the Atheist or Evolutionist is irrational in using his or her belief (or belief in non-belief) to fail to acknowledge God. The question only exposes the fact that something called “evidence” is actually dependent on an assumption. Lack of knowledge of an answer about something doesn’t disprove the thing. To imply that it does disprove a thing is irrational. It only shows that the thing is not proven. It exposes the fact that there is no real evidence for the thing.

Atheists or Evolutionists can’t use unanswered questions to disprove Divine revelation. They can use them to expose Christian speculation, however. And none of us want’s to be guilty of Christian speculation. Speculation adds to God’s Words or diminishes God’s Words–and if we do that, He will expose us as liars. That’s His promise to us. He does that for our own good. He doesn’t want us to love our own lies or the lies of others, since He has to judge those who love lies. He wants to cleanse us of our affection for our favorite lies.

Let me give an example. You say, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.” “In six days God created the Heavens, Earth, seas, and everything in them.” There is no speculation here. This is all Divine revelation. So, a troll says, “How do you know?” You say, “God speaks this to me through Scripture.” Again, no speculation here–just revelation. The troll asks, “How do you know it’s God speaking to you through Scripture?” You answer, “I know because of person interaction with the Holy Spirit. He is the One Who tells me that the Bible is His Word without error. He also speaks to me whenever I read the Bible. He brings Scripture to my memory. While my spiritual senses are not fully developed yet, I’m learning to discern His Voice and to respond in submission. This very process brings spiritual maturity, and spiritual maturity brings discernment. So, while I don’t know all things, the Holy Spirit has plainly revealed these particular things to me.” The troll asks, “Well then, how exactly did God create everything instantly from nothing. Give me the science behind that. Huh? Huh?” You answer, “God hasn’t revealed that to me. However, He does reveal that He is the Almighty and that He is well capable.” At this point, the troll has nothing. For the troll to claim that you must know things that God hasn’t revealed or else God hasn’t revealed anything is irrational. The troll has nowhere to go without showing himself or herself to be irrational.


Circular Reasoning – NOT Circular Reasoning


The circular reasoning straw man is a favorite fallacy for Secularists. Is it possible that some Christians actually do use this kind of poor logic? I hope not. A follower of Christ never needs to be irrational. A Secularist can never be rational, since a Secularist must base every thought on made-up stuff. For every interpretation of any observation, any experience, or Scripture, a Secularist must use made-up stuff. The fallacy is known as “axiomatic thinking.” It includes all the various methods of using made-up stuff to reason. Most logical fallacies are simply smokescreens to cover up axiomatic thinking fallacies. There are only two types of fallacies in the most basic analysis: axiomatic thinking and smokescreen. Circular reasoning is a smokescreen to hide axiomatic thinking. In the image on the left, there are two Divine revelations that are being presented as if they were axiomatic thinking fallacies that are being hidden by circular reasoning.

Christians never need to use fallacies. However, there is no way that any Secularist can prove any premise true without using axiomatic thinking fallacies. They only way to avoid axiomatic thinking fallacies is to listen to God and avoid adding to what He says. Divine revelation is the only way to avoid committing fallacies.

When Secularists use the straw man, they’re the ones using circular reasoning. They pull the unsupported assertion, “There is no God,” from their worldview. Then they reason from that axiomatic thinking fallacy. Beginning with the axiom, “There is no God,” they conclude,”God can’t possibly reveal that the Bible is His Word, since He doesn’t exist.” Also, based on the same circular reasoning, God would not be able to speak through Scripture. That’s why you can clearly state, to the Secularist, your experience with Christ. The Secularist, blinded by his or her own worldview, translates that as the Secularist straw man fallacy you see in red to the left.

Some people teach:

“The highest authority is always circular in reasoning. For example, the Bible is the word of God. How do we know? Because the Bible reveals this about itself.”

God is the Highest Authority. He isn’t circular in His reasoning, though. He does appeal to His own authority, since there is no other authority. That’s not the same as circular reasoning. It’s also not a faulty appeal to authority fallacy, since this is the only possible valid appeal to authority. If a book has authority, as the Bible does, it only has authority because God wrote it, preserved it to us, and currently speaks to us through it.

Some Christians don’t believe that God is active and working in their lives. They believe that they just have to use their own fallen minds to figure things out. They believe in the Bible, but they don’t interact with the God of the Bible. They never experience His Presence, leading, or teaching. They’re born again, but they lean on their own understanding. I pray that they do reach out and touch the Lord. That they begin to experience Him with all their spiritual senses so that they can know the difference between their own minds and the mind of Christ.