Trust God

One of the most challenging questions we face is “How do you know?” We can answer this question, but can we answer it with authority. Can we answer it sanely? If we question a claim someone makes and ask them how they know it’s true, they often give us an insane answer. They may speak louder and slower while repeating the claim. They may use circular reasoning to come to their conclusion. They may give us a reason to believe them, but the reason is a second claim that they can’t prove. They might even call us names or use vulgarity.

We can’t always help others, but we should be able to have a sane answer to the question. We should know why we believe, and our answer should be sound and built on a firm foundation of truth. We should understand how we know that the truth is the truth. For instance, how can we know that the Bible is true and that God is real? We need to be able to answer that question absolutely.

We might say that we believe because we have faith, but then we’re saying we believe because we believe. Faith is belief. In Scripture, we see that faith is a particular kind of belief, a supernatural belief that comes from God when God speaks to us. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. The Hebrew uses the term “rhema,” which means utterance. However, if we fail to explain this or fail to understand the faith of God, we may say we have faith because we have faith. We believe because we believe. We may say that we believe because the Bible says, but we can’t explain why we believe that the Bible is God’s word without error. When we try, we can’t get to a reason to believe absolutely because we try to rely on inductive reasoning based on evidence rather than proof. Inductive reasoning never proves anything. It only gives an indication. It can only sound convincing. It can’t bring us to the truth about anything. For instance, science is based on inductive reasoning, and science isn’t about truth. Science is about pragmatic application of observation and testing to find a path to something that works. It’s not about finding the depth of truth except in the religion of scientism, which misuses science and gets into bizarre explanations that are pulled from made-up stuff.

However, we absolutely know that God exists and that the Bible is God’s word. We know it by the faith of God, which God imparts when He speaks His utterance into our minds/hearts. He leads, teaches, and corrects us through the Bible and every means mentioned in the Bible. When we hear His voice, His faith comes to us if we acknowledge Him. However, if we’re double-minded, that is, if we try to have both His mind and our own fallen mind as the basis of our thoughts, we’ll receive nothing from the Lord. We must acknowledge Him in all our ways, and He will then direct our paths. We must trust Him rather than leaning on our own understanding. Our own understanding can never give us a true premise. Jesus Christ is the truth, and everyone who’s on the side of truth listens to Him.

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