Universal Negative

Some Atheists try to avoid asserting a universal negative by carefully stating that they only have a lack of belief. God reveals that they all know that He exists. God says that He has revealed Himself to them through the things that He has created. To avoid submission to their Creator and God, Atheists claim there isn’t enough evidence. God knows their innermost minds, so they can’t get away with such a lie. They love darkness rather than light. They love evil rather than Good. They don’t want to be directed by God, so they do mental loops to avoid Him. The suppress the truth in unrighteousness. As they do they are able to harden their hearts (innermost minds) against God and cut off His Voice and reality. The expense to the Atheist is great. Not only will they suffer in the life to come, but they also lose any basis for reasoning in this life. In essence, they lose touch with reality. God says that He turns them over to a reprobate mind.

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