Where are the Final Answers?

We could discuss origins and debate continually without coming to a final conclusion. There is no silver bullet in this argument. Note how dogmatic those who oppose your own position can be. They don’t quit no matter what you say. One of the problems is that science is inductive rather than deductive. The answers of science are never absolute. There’s no such thing as settled science since tomorrow’s discovery could overturn today’s opinion. And yet, we can use science if the science actually produces a product that we can test. Origins science doesn’t produce products we can test.

I’m not concerned with knowledge if it’s not knowledge of the truth. Truth is absolute and exclusive by nature. It’s reality itself. It’s very different from opinion. There are two ways we can reason. We can reason based on presuppositions/assumptions/made-up stuff, or we can reason based on divine revelation.

God speaks through Scripture and every means mentioned in Scripture. For instance, He speaks through His creation as we see in Romans one. But He also says not to add to His words, or He’ll expose us as liars. Why? Because there are two possible foundations for reason. One is divine revelation with nothing added. The other is made-up stuff by whatever name we call the made-up stuff.

Axioms consist of made-up stuff that is so much a part of our worldviews that we think they’re obvious. And yet we can’t observe them. They aren’t divine revelation.

I’m learning to discern God’s voice. I’m learning to discern the difference between His voice and my own voice or all the other voices in the world. Christ leads every person who follows Him. He leads us moment by moment in every situation. We hear His voice, but we have trouble with discernment right now. We need to seek His face and turn all our hardened beliefs over to Him. Hold tightly to Him and hold our theories and theologies loosely. He’s the only source of truth, so only in Him can we think rationally. Without that, we’re at the level of brute beasts as the apostle Jude said.

So, I seek Him and His righteousness. If you don’t have that relationship with Him in which He leads, teaches, and corrects you moment by moment in every situation, I invite you to know Him in this way. Everyone who seeks Him finds Him. He won’t give a serpent to the one who asks for a fish. If you seek Christ, you’ll get Christ. He’ll then begin leading you into all truth just as He’s leading all who humble themselves before Him. If you already have that relationship, I want to encourage you to continue to allow Him to take you to higher heights and deeper depths in Him.


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