Who is Blindly Following What Can’t be Proven?

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Funny how¬†Evolutionists accuse those who follow Christ of blindly believing what can’t be proven when all they are doing is projecting their own problem onto those who don’t have the problem at all. In reality, the stories of Evolutionism can’t be proven while Creation is obvious. The stories of Evolutionism are all based on assumptions. Assumptions are pulled from worldviews. Worldviews are created by previous interpretations of things taught, things experienced, and things observed. Those interpretations are based on assumptions that are based on worldviews.

The fact of Creation isn’t given this way. It’s given by revelation. God reveals it through Scripture. God reveals it through Creation itself. Everyone, at some point, is confronted by God concerning this fact. Those who refuse to acknowledge Him and thank Him, He turns over to their own reprobate minds so that they do things that they know will result in judgment from God. The unrighteousness they do has an effect. It suppresses God’s truth and those unthankful and willingly ignorant people lose the ability to tell the difference between reality (what God reveals) and make-believe (what comes from human minds or demons).

Some say that Divine revelation requires interpretation by the fallen human mind. This isn’t true. In fact, it’s a tu quoque fallacy on the part of those who lean on their own understandings rather than trusting God. They suddenly realize that they know nothing and then want to accuse you of knowing nothing as well.

If the fallen human mind interprets Divine revelation, it always adds to it or diminishes what God is saying. What God says is enough. Humans have no source to self-generate the knowledge that would be required to interpret any experience, observation, Scripture passage, or revelation. That means that human interpretation is also human speculation. Speculation is just making stuff up.

When we stand in the Presence of God, He reveals Scripture. He reveals the meaning and purpose of life. He reveals right and wrong. What He says is enough.

Faith comes as we hear God. The Greek word, “rhema,” is used in Scripture. “Rhema” means utterance. God speaks. We hear. Faith comes. This faith isn’t conceptual. Theories and theologies are concepts only. Concepts are not reality. Faith is reality from God. It’s substance, that is, reality as opposed to concepts and opinions. It’s the substance of things hoped for. And, it’s also the only evidence that gives absolute proof and certainty. It’s the evidence of things not seen. (Romans 10:17, Hebrews 11:1)

As with all important words, Satan tries to blur the difference between reality and make-believe by redefining the word, “faith.” Some people use the word, “faith,” to mean “making themselves believe in something.” That would be make-believe. Rather than the conviction, certainty, and absolute proof, and reality that comes from God, Satan¬†uses the word, “faith,” to label a human-generated ability to believe in things that aren’t true. Even many Christians are confused by this. Faith comes by hearing God’s Utterance. No one can self-generate God’s Utterance. Demons and flesh both try to imitate this absolute authority, but the Holy Spirit gives discernment.

The more we yield to Him and stand in submission in His Presence, the more we’re able to discern between His Mind and human minds and demonic minds. The more we walk in our own wills, the less we can know. The more spiritual we become, the better we can tell the difference between reality and make-believe. The more fleshly we become and the more we lean on our own understandings, the less we can tell the difference between reality and make-believe.

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