You Can Know For Certain

Those who have been following Real Reality know that I will use physical/material evidence to refute various lies about origins, sexual immorality, or abortion. I may use Biblical evidence. In all cases, I focus on Christ Himself. In the physical/material, we’re limited to inductive reasoning, which is never a final answer. But we can know the truth with certainty. We can be certain about the truth through divine revelation. Jesus Christ is real. We know Him.

When dealing with lies, an interesting problem develops. The ungodly thinker bases every opinion on made-up stuff then tries to hide this problem with smokescreen fallacies. But the ungodly thinker can’t reason to a true premise. It’s impossible for ungodly thinking to go beyond the brute beast pragmatic existence of reacting to sense data without the ability to reason rationally. Ungodly thinking can reason, just not rationally.

An ungodly thinker sometimes runs into a follower of Christ. The follower of Christ testifies of his or her ongoing experience with the living Christ who now resides inside of him or her since he or she was born again. Actually, the living Christ has become joined to the Christ-follower’s spirit and ministers from there to the mind of the follower of Christ. Here’s the interesting and ironic part. The ungodly thinker who can’t even reason rationally about his or her observations and experiences now tries to reason about someone else’s observations and experiences. The ungodly thinker claims that the follower of Christ isn’t experiencing what he or she is experiencing. By doing so, the ungodly thinker is, in effect, claiming to be all-knowing.

That’s ironic, but what’s more ironic is that the ungodly thinker already knows that God exists. The triune God of the Bible has already revealed Himself to the ungodly thinker in many ways. So the ungodly thinker knows and is without excuse. The ungodly thinker even knows that coming to Christ would be like coming into the light. Many of the things and ideas that the ungodly thinker cherishes would be exposed to the light as Christ would begin leading, teaching and correcting the ungodly thinker who now has come to Christ. So the ungodly thinker chooses to reject Christ even though the ungodly thinker knows and is without excuse.

As a result, the ungodly thinker can no longer tell the difference between reality and make-believe. The ungodly thinker does receive divine revelation. If that weren’t the case, death would follow quite quickly. However, the ungodly thinker can’t tell the difference between divine revelation and the made-up stuff in the ungodly thinker’s worldview. It’s all the same to the ungodly thinker. That’s ironic.

On the other hand, Christ leads, teaches, and corrects the follower of Christ moment by moment. Christ teaches His followers that the Bible is His Word without error. He speaks to His followers through Scripture and through every means mentioned in Scripture. As a result, we can know some things with certainty.

We can know that the Scripture’s account of the Creation and the Flood events is accurate.

We can know that God speaks His promises, His plan of salvation, and His standards for morality through Scripture.

We can know that God’s promises are true.

We can know that God’s plan for salvation is real and absolute.

We can know that God’s standards for morality are correct.

Real Faith & Reason Library will be out soon. It’s a six-book set containing two reference texts. Real Reality, Inc. will be offering the ebook version for free. This is the kind of book you want to keep in your library for future reference. We also plan an audiobook, and we’re going to try to make that free as well.


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