Big Lies

“The key to getting away with a really big lie is making it so divorced from reality that the listener will assume their own perception is flawed, and then repeating it over and over again. This strategy has been used to great effect over the past …” (Mercola) This is nothing new. This is how they put through the idea of a supposed old earth and got most of the Christian theologians to go along with it without regard to the fact that it doesn’t hold up to scientific scrutiny. They used it to put across the idea of evolutionism, which is goofy. They used it to lay the foundations of the present lies with crazy ideas like rationalism, naturalism, materialism, uniformitarianism, and hedonism. They changed history to something that makes no sense and has no relationship to what actually happened, and they are now working to twist their stories in even more silly ways. Lies that are obviously bizarre work better than lies that are plausible if they are told with congruent body language and voice tone using presuppositional speech and other neuro-linguistic programming techniques. This is especially true since they work very hard to control every form of communication to parrot the same message. The Holy Spirit can reverse this, but the reversal won’t happen as long as we take seriously the doctrines of demons hitting us from all sides.