Anyone Can Hear From Jesus

Anyone can hear from Jesus. Everyone who is following Jesus Christ is led and taught by Christ moment by moment. Anyone can enter into this experience by following a few simple steps. Sincerity is necessary. Persistence is usually necessary simply because of the deceptive nature of the human mind. Yet the steps are simple. Ask Jesus to pardon you for your hardheartedness (closed-mindedness) and for all the times you have done things He never asked you to do and all the times you haven’t done things He asked you to do. Then, ask Jesus to rule over your life as Lord and Savior. Ask Him to lead you into righteousness and holiness. Ask Him to set you free from your sinful nature. When He begins to lead you, whether through a Christian or by gently speaking His words into your mind, respond in submission, reverence, and obedience. He’ll lead you into doing right things. Then, He’ll do His works through you if you’ll allow it. That’s what grace is all about. His grace does the works. Your part is to yield yourself to His Spirit. As you continue to yield, you’ll find that His Voice becomes more clear. And you’ll become more like Him as you mature spiritually.

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