1. Hello Juan,

    Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your comment concerning the word, “axiom.” And I would agree with you 100% if we could just define “axiom” as the truth the flows by divine revelation from Jesus Christ. I would not argue with that definition. I think we would have to clarify that Jesus Christ is the truth, and looking for truth in any other place is an exercise in futility.

    However, others would continue to use their definitions, so it would hinder communication I’m afraid. We can only continue to remind every person that truth is only found in Christ.

    Let’s look at the definition you provided and ask the Lord to provide insight into it.

    The last word is “truth.” The other words (self-evident, intuitive, foundational, objective) are modifying the word “truth.” Jesus Christ is the truth. There is no truth outside of Him. Consider the ramifications of that.

    Unfortunately, one of the three legs of the Münchhausen Trilemma is the axiomatic thinking fallacy. It is the fallacy of making a bare claim and then declaring the bare claim to be true. You can see the confusion in the way a derivative of the word “axiom” is used here.

    Let’s look at the definition more closely, specifically, the modifiers of the word “truth.” The definition says an axiom is “self-evident, intuitive, foundational, and objective truth.”

    SELF-EVIDENT: Self-evident is an interesting term. Does evidence interpret itself? It seems someone must interpret the evidence. Truth has to come from somewhere. It doesn’t create itself from nothing. Information doesn’t create itself. We know that Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice.” Why is that? It’s not the inner goodness of the fleshly nature of the sheep that accomplishes this knowing. Rather, it’s the fact that Christ now resides within the sheep, and Christ in you recognizes the voice of the Shepherd.

    INTUITIVE: Christ speaks through the intuition and the conscience to a great extent. You know His voice. When Satan or your fleshly nature speaks through your intuition, you know the difference. Sometimes, you are deceived, but the Holy Spirit will go after you and bring you back to the Path whenever that happens.

    FOUNDATIONAL: No other foundation can be laid than that which is already laid, which is Jesus Christ. Through Ephesians 2:20, God tells us that the church is built on the foundation of apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone. Without Christ, there is no foundation.

    OBJECTIVE: The human mind can’t reason to objective truth. The human mind can’t be objective since no one can get outside himself or herself to become objective.

    What needs to happen is what is defined carefully in the book “How God Will Transform You,” which you can get here:

    Christ must be fully formed within, and the fleshly nature must die.

    That is accomplished by the planting of the Seed in good ground repeatedly. God leads, we hear, faith comes and gives access to God’s grace, and God’s grace says God’s words and does God’s acts through us which completes the work of planting the Seed as we yield ourselves to God’s righteousness.

    God bless you,


  2. Dear “Petros Scientia” – As of 02-01-2023, I came across your website for the first time ever in my whole life! That site of yours precisely the strongest and most IRREFUTABLE of all the Christian “apologetic” websites I have been looking for in order to REFUTE and VANQUISH the fundamental presuppositions without which neither Atheism, nor Agnosticism, nor Evolutionism, nor Darwinism, nor nor Radical Leftism, nor Cultural Marxism, nor any other REFUSAL to accept the uniquely Christian and Bible-believing worldview, can logically stand! However in your works, you have defined “axiom” as “a presupposition, assumed true, from which theorems are deduced”, then you claim that this means that “axioms are made-up stuff”, because every “presupposition” is an assumption, and every assumption is “made up stuff” which is for the sake of argument, “assumed” to be true even without prior evidence THAT it is true! However, there is a distinction that I would advise you to make:

    An _*Axiom*_ is a self-evident, intuitive, foundational, and objective truth, which does not stand in need of further evidence to support it or vindicate it, and which merely by virtue of its self-evidence, objectivity, intuitivity, and foundationality, is _ipso facto_ collectively agreed upon without critique, and is usually irrespective of the particular branch of knowledge or field of study at hand. The “presuppositions” which you have labelled as “axioms” merely for the purpose of asserting that “axioms” are “made up stuff” – i.e. ideas and opinions invented by human “freewill” or human choice and which are merely _assumed_ to be true without prior proof, should rather be called by the name of “postulates”. A _*Postulate*_ is an unproven assumption or presupposition which is merely _assumed_ to be true without prior proof: and often unique and specific to some field of study or given branch of “knowledge”. In Christian doctrine on faith or morals or the due interpretation and application of points of divine law, since it is God Himself that is teaching the believer, the believer doesn’t NEED any “postulates” invented or devised by human freewill or human subjective opinion, or any other kind of postulates whatsoever, since it is God who is revealing reality to us or at least providentially enabling human reason to correctly predict enough of it in advance from the things He has made in order to leave men inexcusable. Those facts predicted in advance are merely “discovered” by men, not invented of his own choice or subjective opinion. Those facts are simply part and parcel of the truths God has built into the very nature of the Cosmos even before the Fall of Man. “Made-up stuff which man assumes to be true” shouldn’t even be called axioms, but postulates! However, I DO admit you have a point: the ungodly thinkers have too often used “axiom” as a euphemism for “Made-up stuff which man assumes to be true” – but the truth is: no amount of “made of stuff which man merely ASSUMES to be true” is even WORTHY of the noble and dignified name of AXIOM!

  3. Hi, my name is Glenn, and my wife and I have been in children’s ministry for over 30 years. Would you look at our children’s prayer journal and consider offering it as a free resource on your site?
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  4. Thank you for writing. I pray the materials at will bless your congregation. You can download, print, and distribute them.


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  6. Hello Faraz Afzal,

    Thank you for contacting us. We have free materials that are well-suited for training young people in God’s ways and teaching them how to know Jesus Christ and be led by the Holy Spirit to receive knowledge and wisdom. However, our authorization as a non-profit organization doesn’t allow transfers of funds. In addition, we have no program to solicit donations, so we function based mainly on money from the principles who perform the work here at Real Reality, inc. In other words, we don’t have money. We do have materials for your students, and we pray that those are helpful to you.

    God bless you,

    The staff of Real Reality, inc.

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  8. Thank you, Kevin. has been neglected as I’m publishing these books. It looks like it requires attention. The links to videos on YouTube shouldn’t depend on my account on YouTube, so it may take some work to analyze the problem.

  9. Your videos on the “” site do not work. When clicking on them it notes that your YOUTUBE channel is no longer in existence. Either YT shut you down, or you closed all the videos out(?). Either way, none of them work.
    ***The date of this post is May 21, 2020

  10. That’s an excellent but complex question, Terry, and it’s answered more thoroughly in the three-volume set, Real Faith & Reason, which is available on the Free Downloads tab on this site. Or just go to I’ll give the short answer at the end.

    First, let’s start with the “prove it to me” fallacy that the militant atheists use. Proverb: A young man wanted to show how wise he was, so he decided to stump the one man who was known as the wisest in the region. He decided to catch a small bird and ask the wise man whether it was dead or alive while holding the bird behind himself. His plan was to kill it if the wise man said it was alive. In this way, no matter what the wise man answered, the young man could prove that the wise man wasn’t so wise. So, he stood in front of the wise man with the bird in his hand behind his back and asked his question. “I have a bird behind my back. Is it dead or alive?” The wise man answered, “That’s up to you.”

    If the atheist sincerely wants the truth, the atheist will find Jesus Christ. If the atheist just wants to “win” an argument, the atheist will never find the truth. It’s up to the atheist. You’re just responsible to purify your heart and speak as the oracle of God. You aren’t responsible for the decisions of atheists.

    Looking at Merriam-Webster, the word “proof” has eight definitions with several sub-definitions, but only the third definition comes close to proving that something is true. Of course, in the dream-world of postmodernism, there is no truth, so, in that dream-world, nothing can be proved true. As a result, the meaning of the word “truth” has been blurred and blunted. Even the third meaning of the word “proof” in Merriam-Webster is weak: “something that induces certainty or establishes validity.” If drugs induce a feeling of certainty in me, that doesn’t make true the thing of which I now feel certain. The “establishes validity” part is stronger, but the term “validity” weakens the definition. Notice that the word “truth” is missing.

    For your purposes, you want proof that proves that God exists or that the Bible is the word of God without error. In this sense of the word “prove,” you want absolute proof of absolute reality. This is proof that will never change under any circumstance. No new discovery could possibly overturn the proof that you want. This type of proof must come from someone who knows all things and who cannot lie. You know that Person.

    Using observation, without divine revelation, you can create a convincing inductive argument for God and the Bible. You can prove the improbability of atheism and the probability of God to a high degree. And yet, this isn’t absolute proof. And your logic will require some assumptions. The atheist can wipe it all away by changing the assumptions. In addition, lack of proof isn’t what’s causing the atheist not to believe. It’s a spiritual problem rather than a logic problem. Still, there are people who aren’t hardened against God but who are being confused by a comprehensive brainwashing system that’s continually feeding them lies. You might be able to help those people get unstuck.

    That’s why philosophers of science say that science isn’t about proof. Science proves nothing. It shows what apparently works, but all such pragmatic “knowledge” isn’t knowledge of the truth but only what seems true at the time. Any so-called “fact” of science or “law” of science is subject to change or complete removal by the next discovery.

    Scientific impossibilities are really just improbabilities. The word “probable” implies a formula and certain numbers being plugged into the formula to calculate the probability. Where did the numbers come from? How do we know for certain that the formula gives a true calculation of the probability? In all cases, probabilities are calculated based on certain assumptions. Assumptions consist of made-up stuff. Made-up stuff can be true or false. If the assumptions are wrong, the calculation will be wrong.

    The reason that assumptions are always involved is that the human mind has no way to reason to absolute truth. Any proof for any conclusion must also be proved. And the proof for that proof must also be proved. This leads to an infinite regression of unproved proofs. Therefore, the human mind is incapable of self-generating proof or truth. Therefore, any human-generated knowledge is merely an opinion that depends on certain assumptions.

    Short answer:
    There’s only one absolute proof for the Bible and the God of the Bible. However, you can’t convince anyone who won’t look at the proof. Jesus Christ proves the Bible and the God of the Bible by divine revelation. The reason you believe in Jesus Christ is because the Father drew you to Jesus and you yielded yourself. When the Light of Christ struck you, you turned toward the Light rather than turning away from the Light. You were willing to look at the proof. Now, you are the light of the world because of Christ who lives in you and shines out through you. You can invite the atheist to know Jesus. You can shine that Light on the atheist. Everyone who seeks Jesus Christ finds Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ then begins to lead, teach, and correct every person who follows Him. He provides the discernment. God knows how to communicate and has all the power and authority to do so, but He won’t force Himself on an unwilling vessel. Jesus Christ authors the faith, but only if the person sincerely desires to know the Truth.

  11. Hello,
    As an apologist-in-training and one who engages atheists (militant usually), I FREQUENTLY come across the demand to provide either “evidence” or “proof” that God exists. Knowing full well that whatever I provide will be seen as invalid and/or inadequate given their SUBJECTIVE definition of either evidence or proof, I find myself stymied and ineffective in my defense.

    In order to better equip myself in these situations, is there such a thing as an EMPIRACLY-based (or mathematical, perhaps?) definition of “proof”?

    I ask because I once watched a brief presentation essentially illustrating the IMPROBABILITY of a protein spontaneously developing by itself (thus producing life).

    The presenter (who’s name I cannot recall at the moment), I recall, asserted that there is a MATHEMATICAL and/or statistical definition of “impossibility”. In other words, from what I understood, the probability of something occurring can be SO LOW that it is deemed “impossible” within the scientific community. Any knowledge of this by any chance?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  12. Keith, immerse yourself in the Word of God, and the truth will set you in the right direction and God will place you in a group according to His will , for His purpose.

  13. Hello Keith,

    Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone in that area.



  14. Today I came across the seekfind website. I was extremely blessed with the content and spirit of
    the articles. I am desperately desiring to find brothers and sisters who adhere to the truth expounded
    in your website. I live in southeast Michigan and was wondering if you knew of any likeminded
    believers in my area. God bless you, Keith Owen

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