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How God Will Transform You How God Will Transform You How God Will Transform You

How God Will Transform You

The Nuts and Bolts of Being Rational

Exposing the REAL Creation-Evolution Debate

Real Faith & Reason Journey Volume One

Real Faith & Reason Journey Volume Two

Real Faith & Reason Journey Volume Three

Encyclopedia of Logical Fallacies

Teach Me to PRAY

by: Glenn & Anet LovesGod

Secularists have created a false impression that faith and reason are in conflict, but sound reason requires real faith. They’ve controlled the message carefully at every level and have worked hard to form the thinking of every person, especially the young. For this reason, Petros has decided to give these valuable eBooks away even though it took him years to write them. Please share this and help us get the word out.

We want you, your friends, and everyone else to experience the power of REAL faith and REAL reason. We care about you, and Jesus Christ wants to lead, teach, and correct you moment by moment in every part of your life. These books will help you take your place in Christ.

Feel free to give these books as a gift to others.

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