Encyclopedia of Logical Fallacies

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Encyclopedia of Logical Fallacies

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Why Have an Encyclopedia of Logical Fallacies?

Why write another reference book on fallacies? If we search the Internet for various fallacies, we’ll find many lists and books of fallacies. And we’ll find that almost all of those lists and books have a definite anti-Christian or anti-Bible slant. We’ll find specialized fallacies that seem to have been developed to answer Christians, but no counterpart to answer ungodly thinkers. For instance, we’ll find the god-of-the-gaps fallacy but no evolution-of-the-gaps fallacy or naturalism-of-the-gaps fallacy. We’ll find the God-did-it fallacy, usually with the “G” in lower case, but no evolution-did-it or naturalism-did-it fallacies. Also, the writers often give examples that target Christians directly and rarely give examples that target ungodly thinkers directly.

Additionally, definitions of fallacies rarely point out the common denominator of all fallacies. Fallacies are ways to make fake stuff seem like real stuff. Since all fallacies have this characteristic, all fallacies consist of making up stuff and calling the made-up stuff true. We could categorize them as axiomatic thinking fallacies (making up stuff) and smokescreen fallacies (making made-up stuff seem real).

Encyclopedia of Logical Fallacies defines and gives examples of over 800 logical fallacies. It covers both formal and informal fallacies. It also defines many terms of logic that could otherwise seem confusing.


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  • This book series will bring you into reality. The layman explanations of true apologetics and epistemology are straightforward, honest, and lucid. How do we know things? Further, why do we know things? And even further, how do we know the things we know are true? Then, how does this compare to the atheist worldview of making up stuff and calling the made-up stuff “true”? And their inevitable and inescapable worldview of an infinite regression of so-called “proofs”? But aren’t we all in the same boat when it comes to discerning what is knowable and what is true? Aren’t we dependent on our own senses and reasoning to determine truth? Petros Scientia explores all of this in this series of books and provides real answers that your mind and soul will find refreshingly simple and yet incredibly profound. These truths are nothing new, just seemingly masked by our own fallen minds and the fact that we live in a society that stresses naturalism and tends to silence all who oppose it. But here I’m finding these suppressed truths to be fully exposed and brought from deep within from the only source of knowledge… Jesus Christ Himself.I honestly cannot read these fast like I want to, simply because I sometimes have to stop and ponder many of the things written. Honestly, sometimes for days. But I look forward to reading them all. And if this one is any indication of what’s to come in the other volumes, I must say, I’m very excited. ~ QuantumGreg
  • I was glued to these books as there is so much truth and reality in them. My heart rejoiced with each new concept I learned. This was a breath of fresh air for me. Thank you very much for this and may our God continue to bless and expand this work. Praise Him forever! ~ Joseph
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  • Just completed Vol 1 and found a lot of scripture Truth that will touch the minds & Hearts of those deceived folks that God is calling out to. I will get to Vol 2 soon. Your work is valid and important. Praying for your ministry. ~ Wes
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