Extrabiblical Revelation, Interpreting Scripture Through Assumptions, and Adding to the Canon of Scripture

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Proposition: “There is no extrabiblical revelation, but the only way to interpret Scripture or the world around us is through assumptions.”

This is a very touchy subject, and emotions run high, tending to take control of the mind. Let’s consider the question in the light of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

What does “extrabiblical revelation” mean?

If it this is a claim that God only reveals through Scripture, then there are some problems. First, the Atheists would then be right when they say that we claim that we know the Bible is the Word of God because the Bible says that it is the Word of God and that this is circular reasoning. We could counter that by saying that it’s a misstatement and that we know the Bible is the Word of God because God speaks to us through the pages of the Bible, and the Holy Spirit, streaming through those words reveals to us that the Bible is the Word of God. It seems that some Christians agree with the Atheists on this and disagree with the second statement that requires a relationship with Christ.

More serious is the fact that, if God only speaks to us through Scripture, then we must modify the Scripture to diminish those words that tell of other ways that God speaks. http://reasonthebook.com/excerpts/divine-revelation/

Therefore, such a claim is self-refuting.

A follow up question might be: “Will God add to the canon of Scripture.”

It seems that Scripture is silent on this. Some have used Scripture to “prove” that this is the case, but only by using assumption to interpret Scripture. I would fear to add to God’s Words or to diminish His Words by trying to answer a question God hasn’t asked me to look at. However, it does seem that the canon of Scripture is closed for the present, and God makes it clear that the Bible is authoritative and that He never contradicts Himself. It seems that every person who has tried to add to Scripture or who has claimed that he or she has found the key to Scripture or the “errors” in Scripture or the necessary changes to Scripture has turned out to be some kind of nut. It also seems that Scripture is sufficient to define history, salvation, the orders, gifts, ministries, and offices of the Church, and everything else. Yet, we see God is able to reveal specifics of His majesty and order through scientific observation, but always confirming what He is saying through Scripture. He is able, through experience, to show how the orders of the Church need to operate, but always confirming what He’s saying through Scripture.

Can the fallen human mind interpret Scripture or anything else accurately? The only tool it has is assumption. Assumption is something claimed to be true but unknown. I think that interpretation of reality/truth is the exclusive work of the Holy Spirit, though many of my brothers and sisters in Christ strenuously disagree with me. I think that what I’m saying is revealed by the Holy Spirit through Scripture and through many means that are mentioned in Scripture.

Anyone who tries to interpret Scripture without the guidance of the Holy Spirit is doomed to failure. The human mind is fallen and will interpret using a vision out of the fallen human mind. This is certain to result in error. Divine revelation is partial and progressive. The human mind will try to deceive. However, God promises that those who ask for a fish won’t receive a serpent.


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