It is the proclamation of the Gospel, not argumentation, that transforms minds. See Give Them the Gospel.

A certain Christian was looking at a Youtube.com video with a Christian message and he saw that brother in Christ had written a comment on the page. As an encouragement to the brother who had commented, the Christian wrote the following:

Christian: “God is love. There is no other source of love. There is fake love, but God is the only source of genuine love. God is also the source of morality, logic, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, peace, joy, and so much more. He even gives these things, in some measure, to those who hate Him.” (As it turns out, there are Atheist zealots who lurk on these web sites where comments are allowed. They are very religious and dedicated, so they make it their business to scoff at any word that is written to glorify God. Four of them commented immediately. The reason they had to comment is that if God is the source of all logic, morality, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, etc., which He is, then how could there be any validity to any of their many arguments?)

Atheist 1: “Lies, morality existed long before religion, everything else you have stated has an evolutionary value and a demonstrable biological explanation.” (Note, this is an uncheckable lie)

Atheist 2 & 3: “Can you provide any evidence for any of these assertions?” “What physical evidence or data do you have the leads you to believe god exists, or that the source of love is god? What would lead you to believe these things?” (These are invitations to dance to the tune that the Atheists are playing. If you decide to dance to their tune, you have obeyed Satan when He says, “If you are a child of God, then prove it by doing what I say.” Of course, the answer is very similar to the answer that Jesus gave to a similar question. Man does not live by the physical evidence alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Father.)

Atheist 4: “Which god?” (The man decided not to address this question yet.)

Christian: “The reason I believe is not based on material evidence, though the observable evidence supports God’s existence and His Truth without the mental gymnastics that the Atheists and Evolutionists find themselves tangled in. Christian faith is a supernatural belief that flows from God. It is, in fact, the faith OF God. This supernatural belief comes by hearing and hearing by the word (utterance) of God. God speaks. God speaks to every person including you. Whoever will listen receives the faith that is of God, a supernatural belief that is not human-generated. The reason some do not receive this faith is because they do not want to hear from God.” (The Atheist’s requests were silly, for physical evidence of God Who is Spirit. God is not an idea that has to be proved by logic and scientific mentod. God is real. He can be found by those who love Him. He speaks.)

(some caveats about hearing God’s Voice)

Atheist: “If you’re hearing God speak to you, you should see a mental health professional.” (The implication of this Atheist is supposed to be that it is insane to hear from God. Why does the Atheist think this is insane? Because the very idea of hearing from God is in conflict with the Atheist’s foundational belief, “There is no God.” Atheists just accept this belief without challenge or test. The claim, “There is no God,” IS irrational in that it is declaring a universal negative, which is always irrational. As a result, most Atheists do not like to expose this foundational belief to scrutiny. However, it is sane to testify about an experience in the Kingdom of the Heavens even to one who does not have eyes to see. This is no more insane than it would be insane to speak of what was seen through the lens of a microscope to one who did not believe anything could be seen through the lens of a microscope. What is insane is to refuse to enter into the experience while denying that the experience of another person is happening. In logic, this type of denial is known as declaring a universal negative.)

Christian: “You realize that declaring a universal negative is irrational (insane), don’t you?” (By explanation, to declare, even by implication as in this case, that someone else is not having any certain spiritual experience would require that the person making the declaration either have a revelation from the all-knowing God or else that that person is claiming to be the all-knowing God.)

Atheist: “Which god is speaking to you?” (This is actually a very good question, since there are many religious people, particularly in the occult and Eastern religions, who really do hear from evil spirits. These evil spirits are their gods.)

Christian: “Throughout the world, millions of Christians have yielded to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They have eyes to see and ears to hear. They have found the glory of the Most High Creator of the Heavens and all things material. They have met Him personally, and, when they come together, He speaks to them in many ways. Whoever will may come.”

No Atheist answered this or made any further comment on it.

Anyone who is a Christian believes because they have heard the utterance of God. Faith comes by hearing. Faith is not of ourselves, it is the gift of God. God speaks through the Bible. Those who believe the Bible believe that God speaks, because the Bible says that God speaks. 1 Corinthians 12:2-3 tells us that God speaks through His people. Numbers 12:6 tells us that God speaks through dreams, visions, dark speeches, or face to face. Psalm 19:1, 65:6-8, 1 Chronicles 16:31-34, Isaiah 55:12 and Romans 1:20 tell us that God speaks through His creation.


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