Some Example Premises and Conclusions

Here is a list of premises all of which are true, though, for some of these, you may say, “So what could that prove?”

  • “I read this in a textbook once.”
  • “I saw it on the news.”
  • “God cannot lie.”
  • “God has revealed to me that the Bible is His Word and that it is without error.”
  • “There are many experts who think that it’s true.”
  • “God speaks through the Bible, saying that He created the Heavens and the Earth and everything in them in 6 days.”
  • “The addition of universal information to anything by natural processes has never been observed.”
  • “Most scientists believe that molecules-to-man evolution happened.”
  • “Scientists have been trying for many years to find some example of the addition of universal information by natural processes.”
  • “If you want to survive at the university, you had best believe in evolution and billions of years.”
  • “The addition of universal information by natural processes would be absolutely necessary for even the smallest step of evolutionary advancement to ever occur at all.”
  • “I dunno, it just seems right to me.”
  • My teacher told me.”

Examples of conclusion statements, some of which are false:

  • “The story of Evolution is scientifically impossible based on what we currently know through science.”
  • “Creation took place as the Bible says that it does.”
  • “Matter has always existed, and life just popped into existence one day.”
  • “Matter created itself from nothing at all and then life created itself and evolved itself until we have all that we see around us.”
  • “There is no scientific evidence for a Universe that is billions of years old.”
  • “It is possible to know Jesus Christ in a personal relationship in which He leads and we follow in love, respect, and submission.”
  • Whoever seeks Christ in sincerity,┬álove, respect, and submission finds Christ.

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