Skeptical Speculation

There is a godless skepticism. It’s a selective skepticism. Skeptics focus their efforts of unbelief on God and what God is saying. They accept enormous volumes of unsupported assertions that support their unbelief systems. The are dogmatic about not believing God or taking Him at His Word.

It’s inconsistent for skeptics to speculate, yet, skeptics always have speculation at the basis of their systems of unbelief. Without Divine revelation, everything is speculation. Every belief, or belief in not believing, is based on speculation unless God is saying it.

God speaks to them. He speaks to them through His Creation. He speaks to them through Christians. He speaks to them through the Bible. He speaks to them through all these things that He has created. They refuse to acknowledge Him. So they know. They are without excuse. Yet, they refuse to acknowledge Him and allow Him to do His Works through them. The avoid righteousness at all costs, and seek to do their own wills or the will of those whom they wish to impress. In this way, they are able suppress the truth that God reveals to them. God is speaking now of these things through the first chapter of Romans, and you can see this being worked out in their lives as God reveals it to you.

Not only are non-Christians skeptical of what God is saying, but Christians are also skeptical to varying degrees. Some Christians are purely naturalists. Some believe that God stopped moving in miraculous ways long ago. Some believe that certain parts of God’s Word aren’t true. Some don’t believe the history God is speaking of in Genesis. Some don’t believe the promises and predictions of the Book of Acts or the Book of Ephesians. They are skeptical. Often, these Christian skeptics are more skeptical than the ungodly skeptics. Their minds are closed to God. They are intent on proving that they have attained all that God has for His people and that there is nothing for them to walk on to. In fact, some teach that the only thing they have to do is to get other people born again and to get them indoctrinated in their own doctrines. These doctrines include a great deal of skepticism.


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