Christians for Show

If you do any witnessing at all, you will probably hear something like this, “Religion seems to be all about “look at me and what a good Christian I am!” and less about helping those in need.”

When someone says this to you, they are right.  Religion is man trying to find God.  True Christianity is God reaching out to fallen man.  Religion often ends up in pride.  Many followers of Christ allow their fallen nature to control them.  The unredeemed nature of the person is prideful.  That is exactly why it is so difficult for anyone to humble himself or herself to come to Christ.  That is exactly why fleshly Christians seek to get attention and to have people think that they are good.

The best way to handle this is to admit that it is true.  Those who follow Christ are following Christ because they know that they are needy.  Every gift that Christ gives is given because we are fallen and needy.

However, the person needs Christ, not religion.  Lead them to the real Person of Jesus.  That means that you need to know His personally and to be led by His Voice.  He says, “My sheep hear My Voice.”


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