God Foreknew the Fall

If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.

You may hear a question like this: “God knew everything before he created it, so why did God make people who he knew in advance would turn on him and go to hell?  I guess the same can be said for why did God make angels he knew would turn on him too?”

In these types of discussions, don’t let Satan turn any discussion into a contest.  Discuss without turning the other person into a loser or turning yourself into the winner.  These are interesting questions.  Lay them before Jesus, and you will find that He answers them, causing you to grow.  If you and your friend are both experiencing the revelation that comes from Jesus, then you won’t get into an angry argument.


This is a very deep question, and most people don’t like to become aware of how they think their thoughts.  They don’t like to think about their own bias, presuppositions, and faulty reasoning.  In fact, we humans cannot think correctly without the anointing of the Holy Spirit on our minds and without our minds being in submission to the Holy Spirit.  The battle is for the mind.  (Read More)

Let’s start with some basic principles that we can know from Scripture.

God did know everything that would happen before He created the angels, humanity, or anything else.  God knew that Satan would rebel and that Adam and Eve would sin.

Note that the position of mankind is far better at the end of the Book of Revelations that it was at the beginning of the Book of Genesis.  God is not going to restore us to the Garden of Eden where we are innocent and ignorant.  He is restoring us to a much higher place.  We don’t have all the details, but we can trust God that He is taking the most compassionate path for creation to move from its condition at first creation to the point known as “the restitution of all things” when God will be “all things in everything.”

While we may not fully understand, we can see something from a Bible verse that is read at most weddings that explains three very interesting things.  The man is the head of the woman.  Christ is the Head of the Church.  God is the Head of everything.

With that in mind, go back to Genesis and see the type and let God reveal what He wills to you.  Adam was alone and it wasn’t good.  Everything was good but this wasn’t good.  Not only that, but there was nothing that had been created that was suitable for Adam.  God took part of Adam, his rib, and made Eve from that rib.  Now, Adam was incomplete without Eve.  The rib had been transformed into the suitable helper for Adam.  The two together could produce life, which Adam could not have produced before Eve was given to him.  Now, look at Christ and the Church.  Christ took of Himself and put it into His Body, the Church.  He chose to be incomplete without the Church.  The Church became the fullness of Him.  It was necessary that there be a falling away.  The Church had to go out from Christ, which we see in what is known as the dark ages.  Now, we see the Church being restored to Christ.  God created using a part of Himself, His Word.  His Word came to the earth to redeem it back to Himself.

This is as far as can be gone into here.  These are questions that are very deep and have to do with the very nature of reality.  All we know is that all things will be restored to God at the end of the eons of eons (sometimes translated as for ever and ever).



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