God’s Foreknowledge Eliminates Free Will

If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.

Someone may assert, “Foreknowledge eliminates free will.”

Foreknowledge does not remove free will.  For example, say that there was a very good project manager, and that project manager had an uncanny ability to read people.  Let’s say that this project manager hired you to do a certain job because he knew that you were very intelligent and could do it exactly as he wanted it done.  He also knew that you had faults, a rebellious streak, but he knew that he could turn you from those faults and that you would end up and serve him in the way he wanted and get the job done.  Let’s say that he hired another person, a project manager wannabe who he would use to test you and that he understood this person would put exactly the right kind of pressure on you to take away your rebellious streak.  In fact, this person would force you to make repeated decisions between doing the will of the project manager and the will of the project manager wannabe.  Through this process, you would learn the wisdom of the project manager and learn to be like him in your own thinking.  Would this take away your free will?  No.  Would this take away the free will of the project manager wannabe?  No.

  • The Bible clearly states that God’s predestination is based on God’s foreknowledge.
  • Though God does not tell us everything about what He is doing, He does give us hints in the Bible that let us know that His plans are good beyond our wildest dreams, though there will be many trials on the way to the fulfillment of those good plans.
  • If we understand the nature of things and our situation and the little that we can currently know about God, we know that things are just as they should be and that God’s plan is good for us.  In the middle of a construction site, it may look worse than when it started, even when everything is going according to the plan and the end-state will be a beautiful building.
    God didn’t force Satan to rebel nor did He tempt Adam and Eve to sin–He just knew that it would happen and had a plan in place to use this for the good and not for evil.
    In the final state, all creation will return to God and it will be much better than it was at the beginning of creation.
  • God does everything the same way that you would do it if you were almighty, knew everything, had perfect wisdom, WERE perfect love, were only righteous and holy, could not sin, could not lie, could not be unjust, and were all light with no darkness.
  • God sees the entire picture across all time at once in the physical realm and all heavenly realms.  Now we see only a tiny glimpse of the physical realm and not much of anything outside the physical realm and what we see we largely misunderstand.  We actually don’t have a clue about anything except for what God has revealed to us.
  • The human mind is corrupt, deceitful, and desperately wicked.  We can’t trust our own reasoning but need to look to God for understanding.
  • It is because of human lack of understanding that some people question God or even question the existence of God in spite of all the obvious evidence that God exists and that God is good.
  • Many of the theologies on hell are in direct conflict with Scripture.  That is not to say that there is no hell or that hell is not horrible, but there are theologies on hell that do not agree with Scripture.  Some of the Scriptures regarding hell have been translated to fit those erroneous theologies, so you have to go to the original Greek or Hebrew to get the correct meaning–which is not too hard these days with the computerized lexicons and Bible programs.

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