God’s Wife?

You may hear something like the following: “I’ve read where God had a wife in one older version of the bible and she got eliminated in a newer version.”

Don’t let Satan turn the discussion into a contest.  Contests have winners and losers and no one likes to be a loser.  Discuss without turning the other person into a loser.

If a person gets their answers from Yahoo Answers, they can expect to get this type of misinformaion.  This type of remark is usually some form of sarcasm.  Sarcasm is usually a mistake in communication.  It confuses the listener with an indistinct and confusing message.  It also projects a judgmental and condescending attitude and an air of superiority.

Getting past these communication problems, this may hint at something regarding God and His creation, but it is foolish to get into any speculation.  Look here:God Foreknew the Fall


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