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If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.


Keep in mind that this is a spiritual battle. The battle is for the mind. The powers of darkness are accelerating their attacks against the believers.

The bottom-line question is this: who are you going to obey? Everyone obeys either Satan or God. Those who like what Satan says obey Satan. In fact, they become slaves of Satan and cannot escape unless miraculously delivered by God. Those who love God believe what God says and obey Him. Obeying Satan leads to death. Obeying God leads to life. That’s as simple as it is

In these types of discussions, don’t let Satan turn any discussion into a contest.  Discuss without turning the other person into a loser or turning yourself into the winner.

There is a spiritual law that whoever you yield yourself as slave to obey, that’s who’s slave you are.(read more)

There are some who cannot accept the Bible: (read article and sub-articles) That is because they either don’t like the God Who wrote the Bible or they have been lied to about the Bible. Satan has taken over virtually every means of communication including news services, universities and schools, entertainment, the arts, and every other venue. The result is that people are being bombarded constantly with anti-Bible and anti-Christ lies from Satan and coming from Satan’s slaves.

When it is just a matter that people have been lied to, the lies, are fairly easy to dissolve. The truth does away with them. Light dispels darkness.

The problem is more serious when people don’t love God. Whoever will not hear the truth, whoever does not receive the truth is of the first type who doesn’t love God. They may want to change God to fit what they would like God to be. God doesn’t change, however, so these are people in trouble. They are in trouble, and they make it almost impossible for God to help them. You can pray for them, but it isn’t likely that you would be able to help them.

There are three sources of knowledge: (read article)

The real answer to life’s questions: (read article)

Answering an Anti-Bible commenter: (read article)


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