What About Gay People Who Accept Christ as Savior?

I have a problem with labels such as “gay.” Labels like this constitute the logical fallacy of nominalization. In the fallacy of nominalization, an action (verb) is turned into a state of being (noun), a presupposition is created that gives a false impression. Nominalization blurs the distinction between reality and make-believe. All people are born into sin. That’s universal. It seems that all people aren’t drawn toward the same sins. This may be a matter of inheritance or it may be a matter of upbringing; however, every person seems to have the capability of entering into any sin.

Salvation is being saved.  Saved from what?  From sin and from the consequences of sin.  Every person’s way is right in his or her own eyes.  Whatever the sin, murder, adultery, child molestation, or anything else, the person committing the sin has a part of them, their flesh, that denies that sin is sin.  The Holy Spirit tells them and they feel condemned, but they can quickly wipe that from their mind.  As they continue to do so, they become calloused against the voice of God.  They no longer hear Him.  He turns them over to a reprobate mind that justifies their actions.  There is no sin that cannot be rationalized.  When a person rationalizes sin, there is no repentance and not even sorrow for the sin.  There is no asking for forgiveness and release from the sin, so there is no forgiveness for the sin.  They may accept Jesus as Savior, but not from sin.  They just want to escape the judgment, and the Bible tells us, “God is not mocked.”  They can’t fool God.

The problem is with sin, not homosexuality specifically. Sin cannot be allowed into heaven. We must all be transfigured by the renewing of our minds. If sin, whether homosexuality or lying or any other sin, must be confessed to God as sin, forgiven by God, and turned away from. When any person persists in a sin, justifies the sin, makes excuses for the sin, and refuses to be sorry for the sin, then that person is still in their sin. That person is haughty and too proud to submit to the Holy Spirit, Who would gladly deliver that person from the sin. And it doesn’t matter what the sin is, homosexuality, unmarried sex between any man or woman, suggestive talk, lying, sorcery (taking drugs), or any other sin.

A person may be tempted into this sin (or any other sin) and may even slip or step across the line and miss the target of righteousness, yet hate the sin, repent, and continue to seek God about it.  If a person is having trouble with this (or any sin), they need to be in an assembly that encourages them toward righteousness rather than judging them or shunning them.  The Bible says that confession is good for the soul, but there are some Christians who are just looking for a reason to gossip about a brother or a sister.  When a person desires righteousness and holiness, then they can fall many times and keep getting up to walk with Jesus.  Eventually, they will be victorious if they don’t give up.


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