Questions Rather than Statements

The points on this page may shake the faith of the Atheist in the precepts of Atheism, but the most important thing is that you share the Good News (Gospel). This is simple. All these other things may help, but it is the proclamation of the Gospel that transforms minds. See Give Them the Gospel.

You may hear someone say that all paths lead to God.  This may come out in an accusation that you, as a follower of Christ, are somehow wrong for saying that you are right and some other people are wrong. Someone may call you arrogant for believing what you believe.

How to Handle This Statement

(The parts in quotes are just examples of what you might say or ask.)

Rather than turning a discussion into a debate, it is best to ask them a few questions first and to listen to their answers.

  • “Tell me more about your belief.”
  • “Help me understand your statement.”
  • “What does that mean?”
  • “Do you believe that all beliefs are equal then?”
  • “What about my belief that all paths do not lead to God but only one path leads to God?”
  • “If it truly makes no difference what anyone believes or does, then what difference does it make whether or not you believe that all paths lead to God?”
  • In other words, find out what they mean by what they are saying.
Let them know you understand
  • “I can understand how you might say this.”
  • “I actually can relate to how you feel.”
  • “I’m hearing what you are saying, and I think I understand.”
  • You might even give more information about what you think they are saying and why.
Relate to them
  • “When I first heard this statement, I felt threatened by it.
  • “I would be tempted to look for a similar type of doctrine as the one that you brought up.”
  • “At first glance, the exclusive nature of Christ and of truth gives the appearance of being a problem.”
Tell them what God has shown to you
  • “Would you like to hear about what I discovered?”
  • “God showed me that truth, by its very nature, is exclusive.  If something is truth, then it is exclusive.  In fact, the idea that all paths lead to God also tends to be exclusive of other views.  In fact, you just told me that you could not accept my belief that there is only one way to God.  God has shown me that there is only one way to God.  He has shown me this through the Bible.  He spoke to me and made it real to me.  That means that your message is cruel to every person to whom you give it.  You are sending them into judgment.  Not only that, but if you really want to do God’s will, you will recognize that the words that I say to you right now come from God.”
It is then good to ask an open followup question (not a “yes” or “no” question) to allow them to process what you have said.
  • “How do you see this as applying to your life?”
  • “What are your thoughts?”
  • “Where do you see this as different from your point/question?”

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