Blind Faith and Other Misunderstandings About What Faith Is

It is very important that the follower of Christ are not deceived by Satan’s definition of faith. Faith is not a mental exercise. Faith is not believing on something without any reason to believe.  faith always comes by hearing and hearing of a specific kind, that is, hearing the utterance of God as He speaks to us.  That is why faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of the things not seen.

So many people lead a meaningless existence.  So many Christians and non-Christians live a life of absurdity, always striving to do what is right and never being able to perform it.  However, God has a plan to break the downward spiral.  Only those who do not want to do what is right and good, those who do not want to obey God, are unwilling to enter into this wonderful plan.

True faith can only be in that which is real.  When someone speaks of faith as a blind leap, they are misusing the word.  They are using the word, faith, to mean something other than faithFaith is supernatural, God-given, belief and trust in Him Who is real and genuine.  When an unbeliever proclaims, based on nothing, that God does not exist, this is not really faith, but the unbeliever is doing exactly what the unbeliever is accusing the believer of doing.  The believer is interacting with the genuine living God.  The unbeliever is interacting with his or her own corrupted mind and the prince of demons who is controlling that corrupt mind.

Faith Defined 




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