Why Does God Need Money?

You may hear a question something like this: “Why does God need money?”

Whether this question comes from a confused but sincere follower of Christ or from an insincere scoffer, it still has the same source. It is not coming from the Holy Spirit. In the final analysis, there is only one source other than the Holy Spirit for every thought, word and action. That source, in the final analysis is Satan. Whoever asks a question like this needs to be set free from bondage. Remember that the battle is for the mind. You cannot set anyone free. Only the Holy Spirit can set people free. Your part is simply to be a witness to the truth. Yield to the Spirit of God and give your testimony by that same Spirit.

Let’s examine the question. Notice that it contains an embedded presupposition. A supposition is something that is made up. Pre means ahead of time. And embedded means that it is hidden. So, there is a lie hidden inside this question and the lie, by the way that the question is stated, is assumed to be true–but it is not true. This is how we know that this statement is from Satan. God cannot lie.

The lie is this: “God needs money.”

The truth is this: God owns all the money. And the Holy Spirit tells us this over and over through the Bible.

Looking at some of the things that are done in some churches, one might think that God does need money. A little disorder can extend itself into total Babylon. Some followers of Christ don’t realize that God has a plan for finances and a pattern for His Church. Some only receive a portion of God’s pattern. As a result, they act as if God needed money. Their appeals go out to whoever will listen. “If you care about this ministry, then send money so that we can continue.” “It is only by your generous gifts that we are able to air this program.” Some organizations use fund-raisers like the unbelievers use. Some go around and make presentations to churches to get money. Some hold carnivals or even gambling events to generate cash. On the other hand, God’s pattern just quietly works, and finance is taken care of by God.

God has a plan by which every member of Christ the Body brings his or her finances into the spiritual realm. They bring their whole financial life into the power of the coming eon. God has a pattern by which we give to the poor, give tithes and offerings to the Church, and do careful budgeting, seeking the will of God for every dollar that we spend? God is working with us and we are working with God. The money all belongs to God and we are just stewards of His property.

God has a pattern for everything. His pattern for finance is that the tithe (10%) be gathered weekly in the local assembly along with any gifts. The Holy Spirit will sometimes lead a member to give a gift beyond the tithe. A portion of this is kept in the local church and is the responsibility of the local elders to use in ministry. The money all belongs to God and we are just stewards of His property so the administration is Holy and there is no room for human opinion. Elders must be lead by the Spirit of God. This is how the communion wine and bread is bought. If a room must be rented, this is what pays for the rent. This is what helps the poor on the local level. None of this money is to be used to pay salaries of local elders. There is no such thing as a locally abiding salaried pastor in Scripture, so that ought not to be an issue. There are no paid musicians or singers. The tithes and offerings are not to be used for grandiose buildings of other schemes.

If a local need goes beyond the amount that is left in the local assembly, the elders contact the traveling ministries who seek God over the matter. If it is the mind of God, the traveling ministries, the apostles, send the needed money. This is the pattern clearly laid out, by the Holy Ghost, through Scripture.

The apostles (traveling ministries) are responsible for the decisions as to the administration of this money. There is no opportunity in this pattern for anyone to become rich on something that they then call “a ministry.” The apostles take the major part of the tithes and offerings for ministry to the church universal. It is to be used to help the widows and orphans and others who cannot help themselves. It is also used to pay for the cost of the apostles as they travel.

Since this pattern has been restored to the Church, there has never been any shortage of money among those who have been able to receive this teaching.


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