Why Don’t Jews Believe in Jesus?


Based from my understanding, The Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ because he was not born the natural or biological way….”in which, that I think they claim that He is not the Messiah since they are expecting…the naturally born King from the lineage of David”….Please explain further thank you God Bless:


Actually, many Jews are turning to Christ. Satan works hard to keep them from their inheritance. Satan tells them that they are being blamed, by Christians, for the death of Jesus–and their are some Christians who are deceived enough to blame the present-day Jews for this. Many of the Jews who actually were in the fault, having been involved in killing Jesus, were among the believers when they realized what they had done and repented and came to Jesus.

There may be many ways of reasoning unbelief in Jesus, though. Unbelief is the opposite of faith. Faith comes by hearing the utterance of God. (Faith Explained) God created the human mind to work correctly under the flow of the Anointing, and it will not function properly without God’s Anointing. (About the fallen mind) The human mind without the Anointing makes decisions by a process of rationalization. That is, the human mind makes decisions in an irrational or emotional way but tries to represent those decisions as if they made sense. We try to make our irrational decisions seem to be rational. (The irrational) That’s why Solomon warned us not to lean on our own understanding but rather to trust God. (Our own understanding)

Many Jews don’t know much about the Messiah. They have not been taught, from the Old Testament Scriptures, the truths regarding Messiah. Some don’t realize that their own religion is really a religion of blood sacrifice that requires the temple and all of the pattern of the sacrifices. In fact, since the temple was taken away, some leaders have rationalized away the need for a blood sacrifice, and there is no blood sacrifice known among the Jews today.

The first century Jews were looking for a Messiah who was quite a different in their imaginations from the true Messiah. By the way, the name, Christ, means Messiah. Messiah means anointing or anointed one. The majority of the Jews were not looking for a sacrificial Lamb of God to take away their sins. They were looking for someone to destroy their physical enemies. This is a warning to anyone who tries to understand prophecy without divine revelation. There are many such reasoners among the Christians today, creating theologies about things that they don’t understand.

The real reason that most Jews don’t accept Jesus Christ is because they are going about trying to establish their own righteousness, so they miss the free gift of God’s righteousness. Many Christians, by the way, do the same thing and also only accept Jesus Christ in name. They don’t receive the free gift of God’s righteousness, which is available through the faith of Jesus. However, many do receive this gift today.

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