Why Eve from a Rib?

If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.

Why is it that God created Adam from dirt and then had to use a rib to create Eve?

Before answering this question, we should point out that it is common for the scoffers to use a double standard.  They think that it’s fine to say, “The only thing we will accept is that which we can observe in the material world by scientific method, but that which we now know for certain to be true by scientific method may be shown to be false in the future.”  They also think that it’s fine to say that we only know in part when they are speaking of things that are “known” through science or philosophy, yet they insist that anyone who follows Christ must know all things.  In other words, they try to imply that if they can find even one person who doesn’t know the answer to something in the Bible, they have falsified the entire Bible.  They never consider that this is inconsistent and irrational (insane) thinking.

Note the tone of contempt for God.  “… then had to…”  These are cues to a person’s heart.  This is obviously a heart that is kicking against God and willingly ignorant.

We know that we know in part.  We know it because God has directly revealed the fact to us.  And we also have God speaking to us through the Bible saying the exact same thing.  That does not change the fact that we do know those things that God has revealed.  There is not one thing that God has revealed that we know as we ought to know, however.  That is why we must always be open to unfolding revelation from the throne of God.

That being said, there may be a measure of light on this subject that could be found here:http://www.SeekFind.net/Questions_and_Answers__God_knew_everything_before_he_created_it__so_why_did_God_make_people_who_he_knew_in_advance_would_turn_on_him_and_go_to_hell_.html



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