God is Responsible for Evil?

You may hear a something like the following: “All the days of your lives have been planned by God including your birth and day of your death. If that is correct then all abortions, murders, starvation, rapes, infant deaths…etc…are God’s will. How can that be? I could never worship a God that would do this and claim to love me.”


The logic at the start of this statement has a faulty premise. Reality is not as stated in this bit of logic. The reality is that God foreknew that mankind would sin and cause all these problems and planned every moment and detail of our lives to work around the evil that mankind would do. Sin and death are outside of God’s will. In fact, the definition of sin is that which is outside of God’s will. God foreknew that man would fall. That is different from willing that man would fall. The Bible in no way implies the statement above, “all abortions, murders, starvation, rapes, infant deaths…etc…are God’s will.” God never said such a thing. God foreknew and allowed, but it was Satan who tempted man and it was man who believed Satan rather than God. God allowed this knowing that one day He would restore all of creation back to Himself and that the final state of creation would be exceedingly greater than the original state of creation. There is something in the nature of reality that made it necessary for God to plan it in this way. God does not work outside of reality since reality is truth and God cannot lie. God cannot, for instance, make square circles. God cannot sin, because sin itself is an attempt to live outside of reality. (1 Jn. 3:4-11) Judgment is the event of reality meeting someone who is trying to live outside of reality. God is patient with rebellious mankind. He uses judgment to bring them back to Himself. For those who have been informed and yet choose to turn from Him, there will be severe judgment. For those who are ignorant, they will require less severe judgment to turn them to Himself.

Someone may ask, “Why did God allow it?” “Why didn’t God make humanity in a way that they could not sin?” The answer lies in the nature of reality and the nature of God. It is impossible to force anyone to love you. It is impossible to force anyone into doing true righteousness. Righteousness begins with WILLING submission to God, hearing His Voice and responding in submission and obedience. Everyone who truly desires to obey Him, that is, to live in His Love, is not disappointed, though they are sure to be tried and tested in their journey. This is one of the reasons that it would be futile to try to legislate that people should follow Christ or His laws. The civil laws are temporary measures to keep evil people from destroying themselves and everyone else, but they cannot bring anyone to righteousness. We can keep people from killing each other, sometimes, through the fear of punishment, but we can never bring them to life that way.

God hasn’t told us everything, but what He has shown us is that He has a plan to take creation from one state of being to quite a superior state of being. Any project has a part that we could call the middle of the project. If a person who was ignorant of the plan and purpose of the project were to come in and look at the project in the middle, that person might foolishly say, “How could anyone allow such a thing to take place?” When any building is being built, earth is moved. An ugly hole is opened so that foundations can be laid. Yet, when the building is complete, we see the purpose of tearing up the ground.

God has a plan that it so great that we can only understand a small part of it. And we can only understand that small part because He reveals it to us.

Have you considered that the wisest of human beings is a total fool compared to God. The most brilliant of human beings is a complete idiot compared to God. The grandest plans of human beings are trash when compared to God’s plans. In fact, in all of those, the difference is so great that it is even silly to try to make a comparison. Our minds are useless without the flow of the Anointing that comes from the throne of God. Our minds don’t work correctly unless we have the stream of Love that flows from God’s throne. God’s Love is His very Essence. Only a fool would set himself against the Almighty, All-knowing, Creator God. Only a fool would think that he or she was more intelligent or wiser than God and able to judge the actions of God.


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