Judging God for His Judgment

Here is an actual comment from someone who wrote to us:

If you believe the bible is the word of God then about 95% of the people on the planet will be going to Hell. God’s own words layout the penalties for disobeying him.
Examples…Breaking the 10 commandments as most everyone has done. If you even look at another in the opposite sex and for one moment wonder about what could be then you have committed adultery.

This is really a statement of the problem that shows a lack of understanding. The person who asks this question has confused cause and effect.

The problem is that sin entered into the world. This happened because Adam and Eve became slaves of Satan by obeying him as his slaves. Satan won a battle against mankind at that time. All those who have been born as descendents of Adam and Eve have been under this curse of death. Not only does every person inherit the tendency to sin but everyone sins. And it goes beyond the 10 commandments. God created human beings to be joined to Him in spirit, our spirits joined to the Holy Spirit in unity. Our minds cannot possibly work correctly without the flow of the Holy Spirit of God, the love and righteousness of God, flowing through them. Without the Anointing (Christ), we cannot even see the Kingdom of the Heavens and the Earth at all. Even when we are born again, our vision is very hazy, though our spiritual senses are exercised as we use them and they become somewhat stronger. Not only that, but all of creation had been placed under the care of Adam. When Adam fell, the creation went with him. This is the cause of all the sin and death in the world.

What is sin? Whatever is not of faith is sin. Faith comes by the Utterance of God. * When faith comes, it gives us access to God’s Grace, which is able to do God’s righteousness.  Love and righteousness are synonymous. Love fulfills all righteousness, and there is no righteousness without Love.  We were created to enjoy this fulfillment every moment of our lives.  God is Love, and all Love comes from God.  It would be impossible to have either Righteousness or Love without God since they are one.  Sin is equivalent to failure to take one’s place in Christ.  Man-made religion has largely replaced Christ.  However, the Biblical Church is Christ the Body connected to Christ the Head in Heaven.  We take our place in Christ by first believing God rather than Satan.  This is how we are born into the Church.  Satan speaks through many outlets, but he has people who carry his message everywhere.  He even uses Christians to speak his utterances as he is able to deceive them, even if only for a moment.  We see a perfect example of this when Jesus said to Peter, “Get behind me Satan.”

So, the way is very narrow, and all of mankind is missing the target.  There is no way that this cannot result in judgment unless someone intervenes.

God had a plan to reverse this situation and extended it to all of mankind.  There was no person who could intervene, so God, Himself intervened.  One of the Three Persons of the Godhead, Jesus Christ, paid the price.  He took the form of a man and led a life in which He never once obeyed Satan but always obeyed the Father.

This plan was extended to all of mankind, but only a few receive it. Others hate God and reject it.

God is very clear in the Bible that the punishment will be just.  It is not the same judgment for all.  God’s punishment is always remedial to turn people back to Himself, but only a few will take part in the first resurrection.  If there is a first resurrection, that implies that there will be at least one more resurrection.  God has not told us a lot about His judgments, but, throughout time, mortal man, who is almost totally blind and has very limited knowledge, has been tempted by Satan to criticize the All-Wise, Almighty, All-Knowing, Creator God’s judgements and methods.  It would be foolish indeed for any person to believe Satan as he speaks to them rather than believing God as He speaks to them.

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