LIE: People Who Don’t Believe in Evolution and Old-earthism Are Anti-Science.

LIE: The 50% of People Who Do NOT Have Faith in Evolution and Old-earthism Are Anti-Science. FACT: Neither of these dogmas come from real science.

If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.

You are likely to hear this lie: “Churches come across as antagonistic to science.” You are especially likely to hear this lie if you have children in the public schools or in a liberal “Christian” school.


The people who say such things have been deceived by a bit of illogical thinking. The human mind is not all that strong, so we shouldn’t judge them. We could also be confused in the same way if we aren’t careful. Never turn the discussion into a contest of who has the most pride. If you win such a contest, then you lose.

Without God holding everything in order in real time, there could be no science.  God is orderly.  This is plain from Scripture.  Most of the branches of science were started by people who believed this fact.  Had they believed in the concepts that the ungodly scientists now hold, such as Naturalism or Materialism, they would have to assume that everything was in chaos and no science would be possible in chaos.  What worked today might not work tomorrow.  In fact, scientists who believe in Naturalism or who are Atheists must, of necessity, use a Christian worldview to do science.  If they use their worldview that includes Naturalism, they would not be able to assume that there would be any sense in trying to do science.

Uniformitarianism is an anti-science dogma of Atheism that denies the physical evidence of many branches of science, particularly geology.

Talk to them. If they will receive your words, fine. If not, then let them go their way. God is very clear that every person who hears you when you speak by the Spirit of Christ does so be he or she wants to do the will of God. Those who don’t want to do the will of God want to do their own will. Those who want to do their own will cannot accept the revelation that God gives through His word.

We know that the history in the Bible is correct because God reveals this to us. God uses the Bible to show this to us. God also speaks the same thing to us through the creation. God also reveals it through other ways. Even a young child knows, by openness to God, that things don’t create themselves from nothing. God shows us that creation and the timeline in the Bible is the real science. Every part of creation proclaims it. A person must go through irrational mental gymnastics to believe otherwise. About half of the population of the United States has backslidden into believing in evolution. The other half believes in creation. In order to be a scientist and keep your job, the Atheists have discriminated against believers so that scientists who believe God must lie or lose their jobs. The fact that the prince of this present evil system, Satan, has taken over the courts, the media, the schools, and the system that controls who can have a well-paying job as a scientist should not cause us to becomes slaves of Satan.

Question it and then listen. Be gentle and give plenty of room to respond, but don’t except nonsense as if it made sense. Don’t embarrass the other person or get into an angry debate. They have probably been brainwashed and will be shocked that anyone would not just agree with them. They probably have never met an informed follower of Christ since many people who are following Christ don’t even have enough compassion for their own children to learn about these things. The reason that you switch to neutral and into a listening mode is because the enemy of our souls has raised this attack to an emotional fever-pitch. A soft answer turns away wrath. If you have done your homework, then the truth will prevail. Keep in mind the real reason that you know that the person claiming, “Churches come across as antagonistic to science.” is because they have been brainwashed and they want to fit in with the present evil ordered system. The system has been ordered by Satan and when they become a friend of this system they become an enemy of God, even if they wear the label, “Christian.” Below are just a few examples of how the conversation may flow. Keep in mind that these are very compressed and leave out many of the things that you must do to maintain rapport with someone who is really emotional. Smile. Nod your head. Keep an open body language. Draw out each of these answers and listen with intent interest. When they can’t answer, you can help them to keep from being embarrassed. Preface your questions with softening language. Instead of saying, “How are you defining the word, “science?” ask “I have heard people say this sort of thing before, and I always wonder how they are defining the word, “science.” Could you help me understand? There are many ways to soften your questions and your statements. Rather than saying, “I disagree, and here is why…” ask a question in this way: “I understand what you are saying. Would you be willing to hear my reasoning for believing what the Bible says about this?”

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What do you say if they reject Christ and just want to argue?


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