Double Standard

Whether the questions you receive are honest, sincere questions or those of an ungodly skeptic is often not known. It would not be surprising that the ungodly would use such reasoning as is found in the formulation of many of these questions. Every person has two voices speaking to them at all times. There is the continual utterance of God and there is the continual utterance of Satan. When we open the Bible, both voices speak to us. When we open a book about science, both voices speak to us. When we hear the voice of a man or woman of God, both voices speak to us. When we look at the creation around us, both voices speak to us.

A very clear double standard can be seen among the ungodly. As an example of this double standard, for the big bang and Evolutionism, there isn’t even a good working hypothesis that could be true, so the ungodly grasp onto the idea that there must be some piece of evidence and something that we don’t yet know that could make the story of the Big Bang, an old universe, and Evolution possible. But there might be some such piece of information about the nature of matter and energy and life, so there has to be such a piece of information. They say, “Prove that it doesn’t exist.” The implication is that if you cannot prove it false, then it must be true. That is known as the logical fallacy of argumentum ad ignorantiam or appeal to ignorance. Then, they go on to say that they have now proved their point that the Big Bang, an old earth, and Evolution are all possible, and if they are possible, then they are absolute facts of science. Yet, the historical account of the creation that we find in the Bible fits in perfectly with what we can know at this point from scientific observation, yet, the same ungodly folks who gave their approval to the Atheistic view put on their skeptic’s glasses and say that the Biblical view is impossible unless they can be taken back in time with a time machine to watch the event. They reverse the bad logic used to confirm their anti-God belief to the equally bad logic of “If you can’t prove it to be true to my satisfaction, then it is false.” This is the type of double standard with which you must deal. The reality is that the argument is not about logic or facts. There is a reason that people reject God and reject Jesus.

Pray for the ungodly. They are indeed in a fog. They are blind and need to have eyes to see. They are in great jeopardy, and need our mercy and kindness. You may not even be able to witness to them with words, if their minds are completely closed, but you can witness through a holy life and the love that you show toward them.

Since these resources are not under the control of, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of them. However, they seem to be a good source of some very detailed information for dealing with these types of questions and they may save you some research time.


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