The Naturalism Hoax

Naturalism has been around for a long time.  We see it in the lack of faith of the Children of Israel.  God would tell them one thing, but they didn’t believe that God would come through for them so they wanted to go back to Egypt.  Greek philosophers before Socrates formulated some ideas and assumptions about Naturalism as a formal philosophy.

Reality: Jesus Christ is the One by Whom all things consist, that is, hold together.  God is faithful in everything that He does.  God is consistent.  If this were not true, we would not be able to do science at all because life would be arbitrary.  Jesus Christ is the Power and Mind behind all the laws of nature.  He orchestrates them.  Not that long ago, scientists began to notice that the simple formulas used to describe the laws of nature were not really working as expected.  At first, they thought that everything was actually in chaos, so they named this dilemma, Chaos Theory.  Now, they have found out that there dynamic order, but an order that they don’t fully understand.  It is much more highly complex than they had thought.  This is consistent with what we would expect since Jesus Christ is the order and pattern of the Universe.  Even though the Universe has fallen because of the sin of Adam and Eve and everyone since, God is still orchestrating everything according to His plan for the restitution of all things.

An ungodly person assumes Naturalism and then uses it to filter out contrary evidence such as God speaking to His people or healing in answer to prayer. That is circular reasoning. The starting point of their logic is assumption: naturalism (God doesn’t speak or act), materialism (God doesn’t exist), and uniformitarianism (there was no 6-day creation or catastrophic worldwide flood). Then they use those assumptions to prove that God doesn’t speak or do anything else, God doesn’t exist, and there was no 6-day creation or worldwide flood. May the Holy Spirit stir up their minds to understand that this is circular reasoning.  And they may open their minds to Him as He speaks to them.

We thank the Lord that He has made Himself obvious to everyone through the things He has created and that His sheep hear His Voice and that He answers prayer. I praise Him that He has created things in such a way that the ungodly and the evolutionists look foolish because they believe sswaafts based on arbitrary, illogical assumptions that are based on insane rationalizations and logical fallacies. There is no sense in debating. Perhaps some of those who have hardened their hearts against God may realize that they are intellectually, morally, and spiritually bankrupt and seek Jesus and find Him.

Here are the big deceptions of Naturalism:

Naturalism is the belief that only natural (as opposed to supernatural or spiritual) laws and forces operate in the world.  It is the belief that nothing exists beyond the natural world.  So, Naturalism is term that includes materialism, Atheism, etc.

There is no proof for Naturalism.  It is an arbitrary assumption.  Yet it is taught in schools as if it were fact.  This causes confusion.

When an ungodly person is in the sciences in the university, that person is told the truth, that Naturalism is merely an assumption.  Others rarely know this.  The person in the sciences in the university is given a rationalization that is an out-and-out lie.  The rationalization goes this way: “The reasons that scientists use the assumptions of Naturalism (God does nothing) and Materialism (God doesn’t exist) is because they are the ONLY assumptions that can be used to make accurate, consistently consistent models. You can’t do that with supernatural models by definition.  That is not true.  In fact, Naturalism and Materialism do not indicate that there would be consistency of behavior in the Universe.  Ungodly philosophers have dealt with this for some time and have not coherent answer to where the laws that govern behavior or energy and matter come from.  Often, they will say what amount to, “Well, the laws are here because we can observe them operating, so they must be natural.”  That is a nothing statement.

A person who is not at the university level of education and also in the sciences is likely to think that Naturalism can somehow be proven by observation.  Sometimes, they think that Naturalism is the belief that the natural creation exists.  No.  It is the belief that the natural creation is all that exists.  It is the belief that God DOES NOT exist.  That is the declaration of a universal negative.  There are very good reasons that such a claim is illogical and irrational.

Naturalism has at least two meanings, and ungodly people will often cause confusion by speaking of both types of Naturalism as if they were the same thing.  Both of these meanings, by the way, are describing assumptions that are not useful or necessary for science or anything else except for the ungodly religions.

The following was pulled from Wikipedia, which shows the current opinion on many subjects but has no particular authority: “Naturalism can intuitively be separated into a [metaphysical] and a methodological component.” Metaphysical here refers to the philosophical study of the nature of reality. Philosopher Paul Kurtz argues that nature is best accounted for by reference to material principles. These principles include mass, energy, and other physical and chemical properties accepted by the scientific community. Further, this sense of naturalism holds that spirits, deities, and ghosts are not real and that there is no “purpose” in nature. Such an absolute belief in naturalism is commonly referred to as metaphysical naturalism.

In both cases, Naturalism-believers will assert that Naturalism is necessary for science.  It is not.  Most branches of science were started by people who believed in the God of the Bible and they did science in the light of God holding everything together.  Naturalism imposes a rule that doesn’t allow a naturalistic scientist to come to valid conclusions whenever the evidence points to the Creator God, which is almost all the time.


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