The Professor

A¬†maintenance man at a university noticed one of the professors was in the lunch room talking to some students. One girl asked, “Even though it’s irrational, can we still believe in God?” He answered, “Of course you can, just so you remember that it’s irrational to do so.” The maintenance man wasn’t far away, so he asked, “What about those things that are called ‘science’ that are really irrational.” “Like what?” the professor asked. “Like evolution.” “Evolution is based on observation and logic.” “Really? Can you show me the observations and logic that evolution happened?” “I’ll get that information to you.”

By that afternoon, three articles, written by Steven J. Gould, were on the maintenance man’s desk. He read them and sent an email to the professor, something like this, “I read the articles by Gould. The basic logic of each of them is, ‘We have fossils, and we can make up creative stories about these fossils; these stories support evolution; therefore, evolution is a proven scientific fact.’ When I had teenagers at home, sometimes they made up creative stories, but I never called their stories ‘scientific facts.”

The professor was upset and didn’t know what to say. It was some time later that he gave came up with an article entitled “Darwin’s Finches.” The article had selective evidence that the beaks of the finches change over time, which they do. What it didn’t say is that they also change back. It’s a cycle. The article said that the changes were due to mutation plus survival of the fittest. That’s not science, but another story. God built many switches into each cell. This is observed. These are turned on and off and give the variety of dogs, the variety of cats, the variety of finches, etc. Each trait of any living thing represents a complete information system in the cells to support that trait. Each information system is so complex with separate parts that are mutually dependent on each other–not the type of thing that could possibly come into being by chance–not even one of them. And there are millions of them.

The problem with anti-God and anti-Bible stories is that they all must finally depend on made-up stuff: stories and arbitrary assumptions. The way that logic works, there’s no way for the human mind to get beyond made-up stuff. For this reason, every anti-God or anti-Bible statement is irrational. It’s not rational to make stuff up and think that it’s real. Any rational statement must be based on Divine revelation and cannot go beyond Divine revelation. That may seem to be radical in a world that has walked away from God, but anyone who gives it any serious thought will realize this is true. Some people may claim that God cannot reveal, but that claim would have to be irrational, based on made-up stuff. We, who know Christ, have a moment-by-moment experience of being led and taught by Him. This is the only way to be rational. There is no other.

We know that He created everything¬† because He reveals this fact to us. We know that He exists and He is good in the same way that we know that the world around us exists. Those who suppress the truth in unrighteousness have blinded their eyes to Him by disobedience. They know, deep down, that He exists, since He also makes that fact plain to them through the things that He created. And, at any time, they can turn to Him. They can know Him in the same way that we do. However, many of them have hardened their hearts against Him. Today, when you hear His voice, don’t harden your heart. The consequences are severe.


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