The Ultimate Lie: Denying God’s Existence

If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.

Ungodly people make many false claims. The whole concept of Atheism is irrational. Yet, Atheists think that they are highly rational. A real understanding of real logic an its limits would demolish their entire fake reality, so Atheists follow a very strange and deceptive form of logic and science.

What do you say if they reject Christ and just want to argue?

Why is Atheism an irrational claim? It is the declaration of a universal negative, which is a logical fallacy. Realizing that this claim is irrational, most Atheists have stepped back from the claim and have gone to an equally irrational attack using the logical fallacy of an argument from ignorance. They say something to this effect: “Since I see know evidence of God, I don’t believe that He exists.” People with weak arguments seek to bolster their arguments with thisfallacy. The fallacy is used as an attempt to shift the burden of proof. It is irrational [insane]. Since their base premise is irrational, all their arguments end up being either irrational or irrelevant.

A person who is evil will not accept God no matter what. “To try to explain truth to him who loves it not is but to give him more plentiful material for misinterpretation.” George Macdonald If we are not prepared to buy the truth at the cost of our own humbling we shall not receive it. Lies have no price on them. They are cheap and they abound everywhere. But for the truth there is always a price to pay.

How are they defining Atheist. Atheists have become very clever at the definition of their belief system. They don’t want to be accused of having a belief system. Avoid a hostile debate in which someone might win the contest and someone might lose. Truth is not changed by a contest. Debates solve nothing. Let the Holy Spirit flow. If you are a follower of Christ, the only way that you could possibly follow Him is to have an intimate experience with Him. Speak of your experiences with Him. If the Atheist claims that you are not experiencing what you are experiencing, then ask them to show the exact steps by which they know about your personal experiences. They will change the subject by attacking, ridiculing, etc. However, to say that someone is not having an internal experience that they ARE having is indeed insane. When millions of Christians are having the same experience, there is confirmation. This is especially true when the Atheist could have the same experience by coming to Christ, yielding to Christ, turning from all the stories and theories that have turned him/her against Christ, expressing sorrow to Christ for opposing Him and for all the things he or she has done wrong in a lifetime, and praying that Christ would be their God, King, Lord, and Savior as they commit to obey His leading.

We say this to explain that you can answer a question for someone, yet, they will only receive it if they have a will to know the truth. Yes, they can know the truth, but only if they love the truth. Jesus said, “If you really want to obey God, you will know if what I teach comes from God or from Me.” He also said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32) “When we love others, we know that we belong to the truth, and we feel at ease in the presence of God” (1 John 3:19) God is love and love is righteousness. He who hates God hates righteousness. He who denies God’s existence hates God. There is no righteousness without God, since the only way to do true righteousness is to be in submission to God. Also see: Seek to Know God.

It is not the Christian’s responsibility to try to convince the ungodly person of the existence of God. The ungodly person knows that God exists and also knows quite a bit about God. The ungodly person hates God as shown by the fact that the ungodly person does not want to obey God. If they wanted to obey God, they would know God’s voice when He speaks to them, whether through a Christian, the creation, the Bible, a vision or dream, their conscience, or some other way.

We also know that God exists (More Information Here), and we are intimately involved with Him on a moment by moment basis. (More Information Here)


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